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About Me

Who I am as a person:

I’m just a busy stay at home mom of three little ones under the age of 6.
I have a huge love for fashion and beauty. Especially organic and naturals.
Growing up I wanted to be a beauty editor at a magazine. With a desk full of make-up to play with and review.
I started this page as something fun. Something that I like to do.
Because not only do I love good make-up and skin care. But when I find something thats great, I love to share it. And when I find something that is not so great, I like to let people know that to.

Things that I love (besides my family)

Vera Bradley Handbags
Shoes: I love my Birkenstock, Privo, Ryka, and Earth Shoes
Make up, especially brushes
Lip Balm
Silk Chocolate Soy Milk
Food…I love lots of healthy stuff..vitalicious muffins, kashi….I’m an absolute cereal fanatic 🙂
I love sandals, the only time I wear shoes is when I’m running. Winter makes me sad because I have to wear shoes, boo.
Pandora…simply the best streaming music EVER!
and of course, my Blackberry.

I guess you could say that I’m kind of a hippie. A girlie one that is.

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