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Rocky Mountain Soap Company-Foot Butter

January 24, 2011

Its that time of year where skin dry, itchy and rough, the feet being no exception.  I can’t stand for my feet to be dry. I hate that feeling. I’m always putting lotion or balm on them. And polish of course to make the cute 🙂 I love body oils and balms. Whats even better? Balm in a stick. Rocky Mountain Soap has managed to take my number one obsessed-with product, and turned me into a full fledged balm junkie…Balm in a god its amazing haha. Now theres Balm Sticks, but generally they end up being more a balm tube. This bad boy is a balm in the size of a deoderant stick, its fantastic! 

Ok, imagine this. Its the end of the day. Your tired, your feet hurt. You want a foot massage, but judging by the man over there watching football, that probably isn’t going to happen. What if I were to tell you that this fantastic, moisturizing foot butter is also a great foot massager? Well, it is. Just pop the cap off, and with a little pressure, rub it on the bottom of your feet. It feels amazing.Specifically made for cracked, dry in need of some serious love, this fabulous butter in a rich base of Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, richly hydrates and protects.

  • Patchouli Oil adds a delicious scent.
  • Lemongrass & Grapefruit oils have astringent  anti-bacterial properties. Lemongrass also opens pores, and is used to treat skin conditions.
  • Fir Needle Oil rejuvenates & leaves feet mildly, tingly fresh.
  • Carrot Oil, a natural source of Beta-Carotene (retinol) increases elasticity. It penetrates deep into inner layers of skin restoring moisture, leaving feet baby soft.

I’m in love with this foot butter, to say the least. Its fantastic. I love its generously large size. It lasts a good long while, and like I said with a little pressure, it makes for an awesome quickie foot massage. It leaves my feet soft and smooth.  It also comes in a travel size as well.  I like it being in a large stick form versus a tin or small tube stick. They also make these Body Butters in other formulas, for Body, Hands, Mens hand/foot, Bellys, Different Scents, Unscented and Baby.


Rocky Mountain Soap Company is an eclectic and passionate group of individuals (who at any given moment, might smell collectively like 23 different flavors of soap) living and working in Canmore, Alberta, and thats just the short of it. They have a great Story to tell. They also have a site full of information like Why Natural Matters,  Their Commitment to the Environment, and Elements to Avoid, just to name a few.


I’m super hooked on their butters and can’t wait to own more. Especially the Unscented and Baby Butter, to slater my kids up and keep their skin soft and protected. My son has some crazy Eczema going on, so that is definitely first on my list.  You can buy this and all their other Butters in their Online Store.

Rocky Mountain on Facebook



This product was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., this in no influences my opinions of the product, my opinion is my own. This is my first time using Rocky Mountain products, and I am now a life long customer. 🙂

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  1. Cheryl mastroianni permalink
    January 13, 2013 2:02 pm

    Simply the best foot butter on the market, it is like magic…, love, love this product.

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