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November 14, 2010

I am not known for earth shattering hairstyles. In fact, very rarely will you see it not in a ponytail. Its a combination of really not knowing what to do with it, combined with the frizziness that becomes of it if it is not contained to said ponytail.

Like I said, there’s a lack of not knowing what to do with it. There’s also time issues. I’m a busy mom so that leaves any high maintenance hair completely off limits. If I have time to brush my hair. Even finger brushed, its a good hair day 🙂

I found PRODUCT, when I was researching kids hair styling products. I found their LiL PRODUCT. PRODUCT is an amazing product. I love that theirs no fancy bells and whistles, just a simple, yet effective, natural product.

PRODUCT is an an all natural hair pomade. But is so much more then a hair pomade. While it has great styling abilities to defrizz, texturize, soften, condition, and glisten it can do much more. It multi-tasks as a lip and eye balm, cuticle conditioner, and skin conditioner. The possibilities are endless. Because of its balm texture and ingredients, I immediately used it as a face balm at night, and it worked excellent.I have probably the most eco-friendly hair dryer ever. I don’t have one 🙂
I mostly air-dry. Sometimes I will finger brush my hair in front of the vent in the car. Because I’m always on the go, I decided the best place for this product, was in my purse. By the time my hair is dry or almost dry, I’ve long been away from home. I rub a small amount between my hands and smooth it, and finger brush through hair. It leaves it with a nice shine, calms frizz, and gives it a texture.

The other day I was doing my usual mid day touch up. Blotting Sheets, followed by powder, brush hair, de-frizz w/PRODUCT, followed by a quick swipe of gloss,……..but wait, where’s my lip gloss?! As I frantically started searching my purse I realized there was no gloss or balm. That’s when I remembered you can multi-task PRODUCT as a lip balm. Wahoo! And I did. It is fantastic. Shiny, soft. Perfect.I like this pomade, a lot. And to basically sum up how much I actually like it, its very simply. I don’t, and I mean EVER, use hair styling products. On my thin hair, everything weighs it down feels gross, and most of what’s available is full of garbage. So I don’t use anything. This feels so lightweight I don’t even know its there. And mid-day if my hair needs more I can put more in and it does feel gross, it tames my wild hair without weighing it down.

Using this has helped me to embrace my hair for the hot mess it is. Slightly straight, yet wavy in spots, flips out here, curls under there. With this pomade. I can let my hair be who it is, but not letting me stress out. Right now my hair is fluffy, textured, and under control.You’d think with its multi-tasking super-powers, that it would have a bunch of ingredients. But it doesn’t. It has 5. Five. In a base of certified Organic Shea Butter, is wild-harvested White Beeswax, certified Organic Aloe Vera Oil, naturally sourced Vitamin E, and Tangerine Essential Oil. That’s it. Just 5 all natural ingredients sans-chemicals.

As if you needed further proof that mother nature trumps all.

The Name is Product is a small company based in Los Angeles dedicated to creating products for healthy hair styling in a responsible and earth friendly manner. Without the use of chemicals or synthetic ingredients, they are hand crafted in small bunches to ensure quality.

You can order this online on their website or buy checking their Retailers Page for stores and online locations. Also make sure to check out their blog, and you can also Follow them on Twitter, and check out their Facebook page as well.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This item was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., this in no way influences my review of the product. The opinions are my own. A big thanks to Rachel for making that possible. 🙂

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