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Earths Best Chlorine Free Earth Friendly Disposable Diapers

November 27, 2010


Being a stay-at-home mom, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and chasing after 3 kids, keeps me busy. Really busy. So naturally I’m a little short on patience, and most of the time sleep. Beauty Mama needs her sleep. More then shes getting anyways. So when it comes to sleep theres one thing I have very little patience for. And thats a leaky diaper in the middle of the night. Sorry, no can do. After going through multiple brands and styles, conventional and eco-friendly, only one has fit the bill for my kids. And thats Earths Best.

Earths Best has been around for quite sometime. They are a proud supporter of Sesame Street. Earths Best is the first and only full line of organic baby food. Throughout the years their company has grown. They now offer organic formulas, snacks, meals and even earth-friendly baby body products, diapers, wipes, training pants and even Mommy Bars! Yes Mommy Bars, we will talk about those sometime soon, I promise!No fancy bells and whistles, just a basic design. I’m ok with that. Does a design really matter anyways? Its not about whats on the outside anyways, its about what its made of, and whats inside that counts. So whats the scoop?

  • Made from non-chlorine bleached materials
  • Contains natural absorbant material such as corn and wheat
  • Made with fewer petro-chemicals
  • Breathable sides
  • Moisture barrier cuff
  • Refastenable tabs
  • Latex-free, dye-free, perfume-free

The size I reviewed was size 6, they come in a pack of 22 for babies 35+ lbs. and up. My kids just started using size 5, and they were able to use these with no problems. When I re-order I will order the size 5, they will be a perfect fit.I like these diapers a lot. They have a high absorbency, and performed excellent for day AND night use. Conventional diapers (Pampers, Huggies) do not last throughout the night. In fact, even those same companies, who make diapers that are designed for nightime use, don’t perform all that well. But enough about conventional diapers. I don’t like to compare organics to things that are not on the same level as them. So I will compare them on a green level. If you follow my blog, you probably know this isn’t something I do often. I like almost all green companies I encounter. That being said, here is what I found.

I found that while both did exceptionally well for day use, Earths Best Diapers outperformed Seventh Generation diapers, night after night, making it through the night, with absolutely no leaks. Hurray!

I will definitely buy them again. They are really only about $1 more then what I would pay for a pack of Pampers or whatever else. And the best part is that my son who’s poor little skin dislikes almost everything, loved these diapers, and didn’t get any rashes from them.

Need another opinion? Want to compare these side by side with your current green diaper choice? Don’t just take my opinion, see what Baby Talk Magazine had to say when they tested them out with other brands. Baby Talk Magazine Diaper Road Test.

You can buy these online in the Earths Best Online Store, online and at Babies R Us, online at and health food stores.


Earths Best on Facebook


Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This item was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., this in no way influences my review of the product. The opinions are my own.

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