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Green Friday

November 26, 2010

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! No matter where you are in the world, its that time of year. The holidays and cold weather is upon us. Today being no exception.

Today is “Black Friday”.  My inbox was packed this morning with sale emails. Wait. Let me retract that statement. Almost every morning this week my inbox has had sales. Sales starting early, sales going on all week. Amongst other things, stores opening at even earlier times then last year. Some even staying open on Thanksgiving and all through the night.

I did the whole black friday thing last year. Black Friday is great for getting any DVD’s or appliances you need to replace. But what about the other stuff. I mean does your mom really need another scarf? Does your dad really need another tie? What about your kids? Do they really need yet another Barbie that will be played with for a week or two then thrown to the side never to be played with again?

This year I urge you to stay in, stay warm, buy less, and consume less.  Not only will you be consuming less gas, and spending less money, but it will give you a chance to think of the holidays from a different angle, and make more informed choices. Go green this holiday season, and give gifts that are original, that are good for the earth, good for the body, and good for the soul.

My oldest is not to thrilled  about my green christmas decision. Simply put, I would much rather her not get any barbies. I for one will not buy them, but someone else can. In light of the holidays, and to not be a scrooge, I told her to choose one. It was like the end of the world to her, and at one point I’m almost positive that she said christmas was going to suck this year. lol.

Once I got through to her and sat her down and showed her online what I meant by green, she was totally fine. One of the biggest reasons I dislike her and barbies, is because she “thinks” she needs them. In reality, they don’t get played with. She is more of the creative soul. Likes to color for hours, stamps, etc. Its hard for a little kid to see that sometimes. With the slew of toy commercials, I can’t even make sense of it, let alone a little kid.

This holiday season go big, in a green way. Most of the things I own, or come across, many people have not heard of, or know much about. But they are most definitely interested. From now until christmas, I will be showcasing some great gift ideas, to help you be more original. To give the gift, that stands out from the rest, and makes a lasting impression. There will be all kinds of goodies!!

Toys, Eco-Beauty Books, Makeup, and Fashion! There will even be a surprise appearance from the great Blackberry Torch, ooops! I’ve said to much. **That said however, if you are a woman in need of some tech support this season to shop for your hubby or your kid, I’m here to help!**

If none of this makes any sense to you, and you are questioning what exactly it means to do christmas “Green”, I urge you to stick around and learn about all sorts of great gift ideas.  No matter what you do this year, if you are buying toys, please, PLEASE, google Toy Recalls before shopping in stores. The list is so huge, it’ll make your head spin!

Stay tuned!!

~Beauty Mama

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