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Jason Damato

February 6, 2011


In an un-valentines day related post I’d like to share my favorite new artist/album with you. I guess you could add it to a valentines day list. I want it, and would be super psyched to get it. Courtesy of Pandora, oh Pandora, how I love you, I learned of Jason Damato. He voice is so calming, and his music, even better. I love his music. I only see one CD, Floating down a River, when I search, so Jason if you see this, we want more. 🙂 please?As much as I love makeup, here goes. I am a self proclaimed music junkie. I believe that you can express yourself, and calm yourself through music. Music is good for the soul. And yes, if  I were trapped on a desert island, I would chose makeup over a coveted beauty product any day.
This is a great CD and I recommend it to anyone.  I found a site where you can listen to all the songs. If you crave a good kick back, relax, good for the soul CD this is it.

Yes, while this is un-beauty related, I believe that to look good you need to feel good. Music is good for the soul. Its healing, and renewing, so rock on.


Grab this CD at online at Amazon


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