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Tata Harper Valentines Day Set

February 6, 2011

The lovely ladies over at Tata Harper’s put together a great Valentines Day Set to treat your special someone, or yourself 🙂 to luxurious skin care. Tata is top notch when it comes to skin care. Made fresh, in small hand-made batches on her Vermont farm, her products are packed full of nature at its best. 

I’ve had the privilege of using Tata’s Core Beauty Set, which includes the Regenerating Cleanser,Hydrating Floral Essence, and Rejuvenating Serum, and it was fantastic. I loved the Hydrating Floral Essence. When I misted it on my face it felt amazing, and left my face feeling fantastic. Those 3 products hooked me, and I’m game for trying more of her products. My next purchase will be the resurfacing mask. I’ve heard great things about it. The 3 products I used left my skin glowing, and it felt so good. Most days curled lashes, and a little gloss, and that was all I need. It left my skin with no need for make up. I will be doing a review of her Core Set this week so stay tuned.

Valentines Day Set includes generous sizes of:

1. Regenerating Cleanser: 7.5ml
2. Hydrating Floral Essence: 10 ml
3. Rejuvenating Serum: 7.5ml
4. Rebuilding Moisturizer: 7.5ml
5. Restorative Eye Crème: 3.5ml
6. Resurfacing Mask: 7.5ml
7. Aromatic Bedtime Treatment: 5ml
**Fragrances from 100% natural clinical grade essential oils
100% of the Ingredients are 100% All-Natural
Price: $105.00

If your spouse is one who craves getting facials she will love this. I have had one facial treatment before and honestly I’d have to say that Tata’s products are far superior. All in the luxury of her home, she can re-vamped her skin to its natural beauty. Trust me, she’ll thank you for it.

You can buy this as well as Tata’s other products and sets online at Tata Harper

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