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Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers

November 7, 2010

Conventional diapers (pampers, huggies, etc.) are disgusting. And Conventional baby wipes, oh geez, don’t even get me started. Those are probably the dirtiest of dirty when it comes to baby products. Conventional diapers are white, because they have been bleached and contain all kinds of other chemicals. Eww.  I’ve gone green with all of my kids products, wipes included, except for diapers. So when I received these diapers from Seventh Generation, I was eager to try them. I like them. And the kids think they are “comfy”. “Comfy”? Really? If kids can tell you diapers are comfy, I don’t know.. lol….I think its time for potty training, haha. Seventh Generation has you covered there as well with Training Pants. Wahoo! 🙂  I received sizes 5 & 6, and they fit good on them. I think maybe they run a little on the small side. In regular diapers like pampers, they take a 4, but was getting ready to bump them up to a 5. Both sizes fit good. The 5’s were perfect. The color is light brown. Similar to an unbleached coffee filter if that makes sense. I don’t mind it at all. And I thought the kids were going to get mad about no cool “characters” being on them. But they actually thought they were cool.

  • Wood pulp processed without chemicals containing chlorine
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance and latex free
  • Premium fit and absorbency
  • Comfort Stretch, Secure FitThey disclose all ingredients..
  • Chlorine free wood pulp fluff
  • Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP)
  • Polyolefin nonwoven fabric
  • Adhesives
  • Polyolefin film
  • Synthetic rubber elastic strands

Did you know?

If every household in the US with babies replaced just ONE package of diapers processed with chemicals containing chlorine with Seventh Generation diapers, we could prevent 2,800 lbs of chlorinated hydrocarbons from polluting our air, lakes, and streams.

Further proof, that its not just about whats up against your babies skin, its also about the air we breathe, the water we drink, etc. But seriously. If you child has issues with rashes, you should consider switching. Diaper creams are not your answer. There are a lot of chemicals in diapers that just do not mix well with the skin. You should switch even if they aren’t having a problem with rashes though 🙂 As you can see in the last 2 pictures they are a nice sold diaper. Flexible, and has a great fit. the stretch bands around the legs did not leave marks on the legs, and they did not leak either.  Overall performance? They did better then the Pampers and Huggies that I have been using lately. Overnight the results were the same almost. They performed better then regular diapers, lasting almost all the way through the night. The stretch tabs are soft and flexible and don’t dig into the legs. And are stretchy around the waist, allowing for lots of movement for your busy little guy or girl. I have both…and they are BUSY! 🙂 I would buy theses again. They do cost more then regular diapers, but you get what you pay for.

You can learn more about these diapers  at Seventh Generation.  You can shop the Seventh Generation site, or you can use their where to buy locator page and find the nearest store or places online to buy these diapers, and all the other products they make as well.

Seventh Generation on Facebook

Seventh Generation on Twitter

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


These diapers were sent to me for review purpose at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by Christine, thanks!! 🙂

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