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Zoe Organics

October 28, 2010

Occasionally I like to do a seperate company info post, talking about a company that I will be reviewing products for. I don’t like to make posts to long, so this works out best. I am working on a review of Zoe Organics baby products. Its a really nice company, and I like their products a lot.

(info below, courtesy of Zoe Organics, in the words of Heather Hamilton, founder)

On January 24, 2009, Suzanne Hamilton – my dear sister-in-law, mentor, fellow entrepreneur, and friend – passed away, leaving behind a beautiful legacy and her precious-3-month-old daughter, Zoe Anne.

I had been working on this organic product line for months, and Suzanne and I had discussed the need we saw as mommies for a truly natural, organic line that combined luxury, health and wellness, and social responsibility. Most product lines we had come across failed in at least one of these areas.

One day after Suzanne’s death, during some quiet time, the name “Zoe Organics” dropped into my heart. I knew it was right. As I continued to reflect on that name, I was amazed at how it captured the entire essence of the company. Zoe means “life,” and even more specifically, “life as God intended.”



Our mission is to celebrate and protect the lives of our children, family, community and planet. Passion for human rights issues, especially with regard to women and children, has always burned inside of me. Over the years, I have become increasingly aware of the inexcusably high rate of maternal mortality and morbidity across the globe.


According to statistics, a woman dies giving birth every MINUTE somewhere around the world. Even worse, most of these deaths could be prevented! The loss of our mothers has a devastating effect on our families and communities.

• Every year, an additional 2 million babies become maternal orphans
• The long-term implications on a child’s education, care and health are grave
• A mother’s role is vital to the economic well-being of a family and community

Zoe Organics is partnering with the White Ribbon Alliance by donating ten percent (10%) of each purchase made on our website to their efforts of raising awareness and promoting safe motherhood.

The White Ribbon Alliance is an international coalition bound together by a common goal: to ensure that pregnancy and childbirth are safe for all women and newborns in every country around the world.

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