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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Red Flower Japanese Peony Moisturizing Body Lotion

October 22, 2010

Red Flower is such a great company, and they have fantastic products. For the the month October, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 100% of the profits from the japanese peony moisturizing body lotion sold at and the red flower store, will be donated to cancer & careers.

“In 2001, The Cosmetic Executive Women Board of Directors’ came upon a startling realization: Five out of some 40 board members had been diagnosed with cancer. Some told their colleagues at work. Others did not. But all continued to work during or following treatment and came upon similar dilemmas.  Cancer and Careers is committed to changing the face of cancer in the workplace by providing a comprehensive website, free publications, and a series of support groups and educational seminars for employees with cancer.”  -cancer and careers


You can buy this lotion online at Red Flower.


*I vote to “unofficially” nominate national christmas shopping month be in October. There are so many great promos for BCA. You should definitely take advantage of this and do your shopping early, you’ll be spreading more then just holiday cheer!*


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