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BalmBalm Tea Tree Balm

October 22, 2010

Its no secret that I love balms. I love concealer and mascara, don’t get me wrong. But if I you gave me the “trapped on an island and you can only have 1 thing” scenario, it would be a balm. Balms are a multi-purpose, multi-tasking, multiple reasons to love, type of thing.

This balm from BalmBalm is no exception.


From across the pond, the uber fabulous Glenda of BalmBalm, sent me a goody box with fantastic things, including this balm.

First off how cute is the name BalmBalm? I love it.

Second this is a fantastic balm. They have 3 variations of balm. And they come in 2 sizes. 2oz tube, or their lip balm size. The lip balm container states, “BalmBalm Lip Balm (and more)”. And for good reason. The one I am reviewing is their Tea Tree Balm. This 100% Organic, 100% Natural balm, has Tea Tree, which has a huge list of benefits associated with it. The box says it “moisturizes and conditions, and it is antibacterial too so it will help sort away all sorts of little problems.”

What kinds of problems you ask? Not just little problems. All sorts of problems.

  • Tames unruly eyebrows and hairits great for dry elbows & heels
  • Conditions hands and nails. Balm Balm is full of natural oils known to encourage nail growth, as well as soften cuticles
  • Good for when your sick. Rub on chests, Backs, or under your nose when you have a cold.
  • Hayfever: BalmBalm products make a great natural barrier for pollen & dust. Rub under nose to help prevent unwelcome allergens.
  • If you have acne or even oily skin, it is no surprise to you, to hear that Tea Tree is fantastic for Acne prone skin. Because it is antibacterial it is a fantastic alternative to conventional, and toxic acne treatments, like Salilcylic Acid and B .Peroxide.As someone who has oily/acne prone skin, I am not afraid of facial oils. Facial Oils are incredibly helpful for all skin types especially mine. I use balms on my face religiously. This balm has become my permanent night cream. On days I go makeup free, I use it as well. It gives my face a nice glow. I like that if my face has broke out, it heals it nicely, while preventing future acne, while I sleep.

I’ve been using it on my lips here and there when its in need of CPR. It is a fantastic lip treatment.

The thing I use it for the most and am obsessed with is first aid care. My brochure stated that it is great for cuts, grazes, stings, spots or cold sores. I have 3 kids under the age of 6. Bumps, bruises, and cuts and the norm. Things I don’t like: conventional medicine. Neosporine, is a disgusting product. Don’t believe me? Read the ingredients. Eww. I have been using this instead of Neosporine. What did I find?

  • Visible reduced redness within minutes
  • Cuts healed faster, in record breaking time as far as I’m concerned
  • Avoided the dreaded scar, none what so ever
  • Antibacterial properties of tea tree are amazing for cuts
  • Because it is moisturizing, it literally avoided the whole scab step. No gross scabs, it skipped right over that, it just healed scapes, and cuts

Because it is all natural, I don’t hesitate for even a second to rub this on my sons face, normally his forehead, when he falls on the sidewalk. It heals it quickly. I’m literally obsessed with it. I highly recommend everyone have some of this in their first aid.

Here’s the thing that LITERALLY, blows my mind. The formula. Up until now, I am used to, not really a greasy, but more “shiny-er” balms. Not saying that olive oil based balms are greasy, I enjoy the glow I get from them. But what I find with this balm in a base of Shea, Sunflower, and Beeswax, is not only do I need very, VERY little. It leaves me with a more matte finish, which makes it suitable for all day everyday use.

You need very little. It literally melt between your fingers, spreads nicely, and absorbs quickly. Just so you can fully get how far it goes. I have used this little container A LOT and it is only half gone, its amazing.

I love love love this product. I will be purchasing it again soon, in the 2oz. Tube, along with the fragrance free for all over body usage on my kids after baths. Its simply one of the best, if not THE best balm I have ever used.

All ingredients (shea, sunflower, beeswax, jojoba, marigold, and tea tree) are approved by the soil association. Packaging is recyclable and paper used in sourced from sustainable.

Hands down, one of my new fav companies. Find it online at various retailers, and boutiques near you!


Hugs & Kisses,

Beauty Mama

BalmBalm on Twitter

BalmBalm on Facebook



This amazing balm was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty.,by the lovely Glenda!

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