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Beauty Cosmedics Mineral Foundation SPF 20

October 17, 2010

I love make up. While I love a rockin’ eyeshadow, and really sweet mascara, I’m really obsessed about base color. I like my makeup base to be perfect. Literally. I like my makeup to be flawless, and airbrushed. Well not airbrushed, but I want it to be just so.

Beauty Cosmedics makes my favorite mineral makeup. I have literally been searching for years to find a mineral makeup to replace bare minerals. After I went cold turkey from bare minerals I’ve bounced around from one to another but was never fully satisfied. I’m satisfied now.

Its free of all the garbage. NO Talc, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, and other chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. This product as well as all of the products in the Beauty Cosmedics line is extremely good for acne prone, eczema, and rosacea sufferers.  It is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and contains Anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe and calm sensitive and irritated skin. Concentrated pigments help conceal redness and other skin imperfections.

It has Micronized Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to provide instant chemical free protection from the suns UVA and UVB rays, as well as other harmful elements.  Its a convenient 4-in-1 product: foundation, concealer, sunscreen and powder. Sweat-proof, humidity-proof, long- lasting color.

Available in 10 beautiful shades its extremely versatile, as one shade can work for several skin tones. There’s a shade for everyone, from lightest to darkest. Between 4 people, my sister, best friend, sister in law, and myself, we tested 5 shades. The results are in and they are good!

My Sister(Fair):

The powder foundation is AWESOME! it has just the right amount of coverage for someone who just wants to even out their skin and give it a natural healthy look. It does not even feel like you have make up on which is another plus! And for having a small jar, its lasted me quite a while, I am just now getting to the bottom, time to re-order! (My sister doesn’t like anything and she loves this)


Me (Fairly Light):

I would most definitely say the the shades are right on target if you are switching from a company such as Bare Minerals. I used to wear Fairly Light when I used that brand, this is my exact shade with this company as well. I absolutely love the non-shiny glittey-ness of this. It does not crease. It does not make me break out. A definite keeper as far as I am concerned.


Me (Light):

I love light. It is my perfect summer shade. Everyone always 2 colors. Their Summer shade, and a shade for all the other months. This is the perfect shade for me, when I’ve gotten a little bit of color throughout the summer. But if I can also wear this when I am having a “good makeup day”. Days where I can wear makeup at its sheerest, because my face is super clear and behaving 🙂


Best Friend (Medium):

I have a hard time finding something that isn’t to drying when it comes to powder. I also have a hard time with things making me break out. I used to use Bare Minerals to. Its just kinda “eh”. I like this stuff though. It doesn’t feel greasy, and just evens out my face, I get warm and sweat sometimes, and its stays put. I like that it matches my skin exactly.


Sister in Law (Medium Beige):

I liked the foundation because it wasn’t to heavy, and went on even. It improved the look of my face without making it look like I am wearing a lot of make up. most importantly it didn’t make my face breakout like many foundations do.




The Founder Cindi Coleman, like me was unhappy with the selection and the variety of what was available. Even more importantly she was unhappy with the lack of clean ingredients. Her skin like most women, is sensitive and a lot of ingredients were irritating to her. So she embarked on a journey to create something for woman like herself. Busy on-the-go woman, who lead active lives, but don’t want to settle for less.

She wasn’t happy with all the mineral makeups and the quality of their Mica. It irritated her skin. And even when it didn’t, there was no in between. It was either dull and chalky or super shiny and sparkly. No one wants a dull complexion, and no one, at least I’d hope no one, wants to look like a walking disco ball. Her formula is unique. No one else has anything like it. It is different. It has the highest quality of Mica available. It stays on, and does not settle or crease. It blurs fine lines and wrinkles.

I highly recommend this makeup it is my go to daily makeup. It comes in 4 sizes. 3 of which are pictured here in the first picture.

Brush2Go! (shown)

Brush2Go! Refill

Large Canister (shown)

Petite Canister (shown)


You can buy this Mineral Foundation as well as the rest of the Beauty Cosmedics products, online at Beauty Cosmedics.


Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


These items were sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by the super friendly and sweet Cindi, I love her!!

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