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Couleur Caramel Eye Shadows

October 3, 2010

Eye Candy. Such a great word, is it not?

103. What you ask?

What does 103 have to do with Eye Candy, or even Eye Shadow for that matter.

103 love, is the number of matte, pearly, and glittery eye catching shades that Couleur Caramel Eye Shadows come in. Wowza!

Ya, I know, wowza, who says that right? I would have said Bazinga!, but fear trademark violations so I won’t, but Bazinga! is a great word. Anyways. Eye Candy. And lots of it! If the first picture didn’t intrigue you enough have a looksy at this next picture. Its a picture of the makeup artists palette, from this past week. Couleur Caramel collaborated with Trini in private, at the Mercedes-Benz Party.Every shade of the rainbow ladies, how tempting is that? You could color coordinate every outfit you have with that. 🙂

  • Incredible wear due to micronisation, a unique process resulting in a texture 9 times finer than traditional eye shadows.
  • Professional quality with high pigment content.
  • 100% natural origin.
  • No Parabens, Mineral Oils, PEG, Phenoxyethanol, or Oil-derived products
  • Colours: A selection of 103 shades Range: Matte, Pearly, Glittery
  • Active ingredients: Sunflower seed oil (organic), Shea butter, Grape seed oil, Rooibos Extract (or red tea), Red algae extract, Soya oil: Anti-aging, fortifying, restructuring, moisturising and tonifying action.

I will be reviewing the 6 colors. As Couleur Caramel mostly goes by numbers instead of color names, I will name them, and then describe them. Top row: both White, Nude. Bottom Row: Gunmetal, Black, Royal Blue.  Color Swatch: Gunmetal, Royal Blue, Black, Nude, White

This is actually more of a white, with a pale yellow tint. It makes for a good eye shadow base, as well a highlighter on brow area. More of a matte shade.

Nude, is nude with a tiny bit of peachy pink. Also a really eye shadow base. It too is matte but it does have a subtle glow to it.

One of my top 2 favorite colors. This Gunmetal Grey is stellar! Its bold, shimmery, and eye popping. Worn in the crease, in the outer corner, or used as a liner, this color is very versatile. Used with the right brushes it can been a sheer wash, or a smokin’ hot smoky eye look. Grey is a softer way to do a smoky eye look instead of black.I’d like to think that I am bold with my makeup. And to a certain extent I am. Black is a color I like, but I like it in a simplicity type of old Hollywood. With just a smooth black line along the lash line and some mascara on my freshly curled lashes. Has slight shimmer.Ah, blue. Beautiful, Eye-Poppingly Sexy Blue. I am starting to love blue. Blue in every color is hot right now. I really was not getting why until I received this. Worn as a sheer all over wash all over to make enhance your eyes, or used as a bold or soft liner. Using it as a liner is my favorite way to wear it. Its a statement color.

Couleur Caramel makes fantastically pigmented shades that last all day. They are smooth as silk, glide on easily with no tugging or pulling. And as I said with a range of shades this large, there’s a color for everyone. And her sister, and her mom, and her best friend,………..

Now that we’ve played with the colors, lets put them in their new home and finish the palette. Ready?! 🙂So pretty! These refillable palettes make great gifts for people you know who get bored with things easily. People who want to change up their makeup. They can just switch out the colors, thanks to the magnets in each of the powder slots. I really like the idea of this and the other Couleur Caramel products. Less waste. Fantastic Palette, get your hands on one, and find the creative makeup genius in you!

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

These eyeshadows were sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by Olivier, who is the best!!

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