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Couleur Caramel Compact Powder and Sun Powder

October 3, 2010

So at the beginning of the week I discussed Couleur Caramel, and my nifty palette. It holds 4 eye shadows and 2 face powders. Lets start with face powders. Couleur Caramel has an assortment of powders. Minerals, Loose, Bronzers, Sun Powders, and Compact Powders. Theres a powder to suit everyone’s taste. My poor empty palette, it needs some friends, lets fill it!

The 2 I will be discussing today are the Compact Powder and Sun Powder.  

Sunpowder on the top, a shimmery, nude, peach color. Compact Powder on the bottom, sheer, soft, velvety in texture.

The Sun Powder, as the french call it. Is kind of a mixture of 2 powders we generally use here in the US. It isn’t matte. It is shimmery. I would call it a combination of a luminizing/highlighting powder. Gives you that subtle glow. Non-cakey, very sheer fine texture. It controls shine and evens the complexion, while giving it a touch of shimmer courtesy of mother of pearl particles. Silky and smooth, it gives your skin a subtle shimmer glow. Use all over or to shade your face. Available in 6 Colours.

The Compact Powder control oil, use to set make-up, or use alone on bare skin, for sheer coverage. Velvety, Silky,and Super smooth. When you run your finger over it, its so soft. It has the finest super soft texture. Yes, I know I just said this, it literally feels like silk in between your fingers. And on your face it feels amazing. Excellent for touch ups throughout the day. It comes in 7 Colours this is the lightest shade, for the most fair porcelain of skins. 

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Paraben Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Phenoxyethanol Free
  • PEG Free
  • No Oil-Derived Products
  • Non-Greasy
  • Spreads Easily Due to Micronisation

    Active ingredient composition:

    • Sunflower seed oil (organic) : Nourishing and acting for the cell regeneration, an excellent emollient, rich in vitamin E.
    • Shea butter : moisturising, revitalising and regenerative, rich in natural vitamins A-E-F
    • Grape seed oil (Vitis vinifera): rich in essential fatty acids and in vitamin E, skin protection.
    • Squalane olive (pressure of olive spit) : rich in natural vitamins A-E-F.
    • Rooibos Extract (or red tea) (Aspalathus linearis): Preservative and vegetal anti-oxidising agent, eliminates the free radicals responsible for aging. Anti-allergic.
    • Soya oil: Anti-aging, fortifying, restructuring, moisturising and tonifying action.

    2 great powders, that don’t disappoint. With the help of the magnetic spots in my pretty eco-friendly palette, they pop right in and stay, til I’m ready to change them out. And now I have 2 things in palette!

    That was fun…but now I feel like some eye candy. Anyone else, yes? Well then lets put some Eye Shadow in this baby. Comin’ up next!! Don’t miss it!

    Hugs & Lip Gloss,

    Beauty Mama


    This item was sent to me for review purpose at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by Olivier, he’s the greatest!

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