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Earth’s Beauty Loose Foundation Powder

September 27, 2010

If you were impressed by my last entry about Earth’s Beauty Concealer, and the minimal 4 ingredients it had, then hold on to your hats ladies. Because this Loose Powder Foundation, also from Earth’s Beauty, has only 2!!! TWO!!  organic/wild-crafted arrowroot powder and iron oxides.  

This is the Original. Earth’s Beauty Loose Powder comes in two formulas. Original(this one) and Plus. Earth’s Beauty Loose Powder Foundation Plus, is a beefed up, more coverage, plus SPF version, it to has very few ingredients: organic & wild crafted arrowroot, kaolin, magnesium stearate, zinc stearate, zinc oxide, and iron oxides.   The original is a much sheerer coverage. It gives a beautiful, natural glow to your skin. I will review the Plus in the future.

I think its very important to point out, that this foundation is extremely good for people with sensitive skin. No sunscreen, No bismuth oxychloride or mica. Making this an excellent choice for people who have skin sensitivities. Unlike some mineral cosmetics which use nano-particles, the Earths Beauty line uses arrowroot as the base. Arrowroot is fine and not ultra-fine like the controversial nano-paraticles.

This powder comes in 4 sizes: Sample(shown above enough for 2 application), regular size is .75 oz,  Travel size is .56 oz and is in a mirrored compact with mini puff, and Grande size. What is Grande you ask? Grande size is a whopping 3 oz. and comes with a standard size powder puff. It contains more the 3 times the amount of the regular size jar. Wowza! Needless to say, you wouldn’t probably need to buy Powder for a while. haha.

The 3 shades I will be reviewing today from left to right are: Translucent Ivory (trans. porcelain), Translucent Silk (trans pink beige), and Color Corrective ( sheer green-corrects blotchy or red skin) The translucent silk does match my skin the best, but it was actually the one I decided to use the most of first. Thats why theres more of that one gone. Because they are sheer, the translucent ivory matches without being to light. I spot concealed with the Earth’s Beauty Concealer first, then I dusted the color corrective green on over it, to tone down redness, and then I dust over a shade in my choosing. Because of its sheerness, it literally melts onto your skin, you cannot see it. So theres no creasing, and no oiliness either.

In 8 easy to match shades, and 2 corrective colors, theres a color for everyone.

I like this powder a lot, and look forward to trying the plus version for more coverage. You can pick up this foundation in the size of your choosing over at All Natural Cosmetics.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


These powders were sent to me for review purpose at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by the lovely Marj, at All Natural Cosmetics.

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