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Couleur Caramel Refillable Palettes

September 27, 2010

Remember when you got your first eyeshadow palette? Or any makeup palette for that matter. Remember loving all but this, and maybe that color. Ya, we’ve all been there. Back then customizing a palette was only a sheer thought at the back our minds, as was recycling, etc. Now days we have options. We can choose this or that. We can pick this color or that. But most importantly we can our money where are mouth is, making every cosmetic dollar we spend count, environmentally speaking.

Every year, pounds, ok, maybe not pounds, probably mass tons. Every year, mass tons of empty and partially used compacts, palettes, tubes, jars, kits, etc. of cosmetic industry leftovers get dumped into landfills worldwide. Thats a lot. That’s not even counting for the at least 90% of it that isn’t going to biodegrade. Its a mass mix of non-recyclables and recyclables, most is but was just carelessly thrown out, with the owner not even thinking of their impact on the environment.

So you can’t re-use your palette you say? Thats understandable. A small majority are refillable. If yours is, recycle it. If not, call the company and ask them where they’d like you to dispose of it, and then let them know that, its the last one your buying because your going eco-friendly. Yes, I just got loud with you, and told you what to do. You’ll get over it. Promise.

Couleur Caramel, a very sophisticated and prestige makeup line from France, has come to save you from all the cosmetic industry leftovers, so that your footprint can start being a lot smaller. Because lets face it. As woman, we love makeup, and lots of it, and that really probably won’t be changing anytime in the near future. Future is the word. Our planet is not an infinite resource, lucky for us, Couleur Caramel, has thought this through.

A natural organic cosmetics company that develops its products based on the 3 pillars of Sustainable Development: Society, the Environment and Economics. Its objective: to create satisfaction by offering natural, leading-edge technology products at a reasonable price. The ambition: to change the world by allowing people to be responsible for their own consumption. They make refillable, recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable all natural products. To make sure that future generations, well, have a good clean place to live.

Enough of the history lesson, while it is very important for you to understand the history behind the product, lets talk about, the product. For starters, its refillable, yippee!! Second it is made out of brown paper bag. It has a magnetic clasp and mirror, and sponge applicator, for on the go beauty. 

I called it a palette, but it is actually referred to as, “4 eye shadows + 2 compact powders box”, Get it straight. Just kidding.

You get to add/remove, play around with it to suit your tastes and add whatever your hearts desire. As long as it adds up to 4 eyeshadows, and 2 face powders (two compact powders, two blushers or two sun powders).. Or if you choose 3 eyeshadows no biggie, no ones judging. But with a huge array of eyeshadow colors it brightly pigmented shades that Couleur Caramel has to offer, I’m sure no one will have a hard time filling this baby up.

What will I put in my palette you ask?  This week I will be featuring more Couleur Caramel products, especially all the necessary goods to fill this palette up. Stick around and we shall see, What is in my palette?
What about you! Do you own a palette? Is it reusable?  Weigh in Ladies!

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This item was sent to me for review purpose at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by Olivier, he’s the greatest!

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