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How green is your Beauty Bag?

September 19, 2010

Sometimes I tend to space out, and think about odds and ends. The other day a thought crossed my mind. How green is my Beauty Bag? SO,…

Inquiring minds want to know….. How green is your Beauty Bag?


Before you go and dump out the contents of your makeup bag to show me your green cosmetic loyalty, let me stop you.

Beauty Mama wants to know how green, how clean is your bag? Not the contents…Its funny I’ve spent so much time perfecting the green-ness of the inside of the bag, the thought never crossed my mind, until recently, “How green is my makeup bag?”  Was it made eco-friendly? Did it harm the environment in the making of this bag, this bag that holds all my favorite things? What about the company that made my bag, does it give back?

My bag is not clean. Or Green. I should say was not.  Thanks to Apple and Bee, and Lana, my beauty bag is now clean, green and absolutely adorable! This is not the bag I was talking about, however, I love this bag just as much. The bag arrived in this beautiful burlap sack, that I can’t wait to reuse. Not sure what I will use it for, but I can’t wait to do so, I think its so cute. Upon getting the makeup bag out of the sack I was able to read what the sack said:

There, staring me in the face, was the question I had been asking, How green is your bag? If you think that sack was super cute, then you’ll be giddy with delight when I show you what was inside of it!I’m having a hard time deciding what I love most about this bag, and the company. I mean for starters, Apple & Bee has to be like the coolest and cutest name for a company. Then they wooed me over with all its Earth Friendly, Bee Friendly, Humanitarian acts. Not to mention its yummy earthy ingredients Organic Cotton, Bamboo Silk, Hemp, and Burlap. Do I dare  mention the pattern, hello! I don’t know exactly how to explain the cute, chic, sophisticated elegance of their pattern choices, but it hooked the girl in me, I’m a fan forever.

This is the Turtle Dove Red. Now in case your loving the print, but not the color, great news. According to Spirit Beauty Lounge’s website, it also come in Pink and White. Oh the choices!

I love not only the quality but the extreme detail and love that was put into this product. From the Burlap sack, all the way down to the cute product card tied on with a ribbon to the zipper charms, which you will see in a minute.This beautiful Fold-up bag, made of organic cotton on the outside, waterproof recycled PET inside, has 3 compartments, and a hanger hook, to hang it beautifully when you reach your destination. I love the tag. Inside it tells you in a short summary all the great things about this bag and the company.  100% owned and designed in Australia, they are carbon neutral and climate friendly. They donate a part of their profits from their products to environmental organizations. Apple & Bee’s aim is to produce beautiful bags and products out of sustainable fabrics without harming the environment. They make a beautiful assortment of makeup bags, fashion bags, tote bags, and baby/kids bags. All in a vast assortment of patterns that are sure to be a favorite with everyone.Apple & Bee addresses an issue, that have a soft spot for. The bees. Many people take for granted bees, or may not even think about what they do for us, the environment, and our diets. And they are slowly disappearing and no one knows why. What would the world be like without bees? I wish more people thought about it. I love this company! From being carbon neutral to making quality bags out of eco friendly materials that are meant to last, you cannot go wrong.I love the label tag, and how the zipper charms have an apple on one side and a bee on the other. Such cute detailing. Now..I will warn you. When you get your hands on an Apple & Bee product, you will have a brief moment where your practical side will say, “Its so pretty, I don’t want to use it, in fear of getting it dirty.” I encourage you to quickly get over that thought and as quick as you possibly can fill it with YOUR stuff, so that any passersby, say all of your friends, don’t try to steal it. I’ve had several people take one look at it and the first thing I hear is,…Ooooo! how cute! To which I reply…mine.  So note to self, and others, this and any of the Apple & Bee products would make AWESOME gifts!

You can find this bag as well as their other great products on the Apple & Bee site. Spirit Beauty Lounge also carries a nice assortment of makeup and fashion bags of Apple & Bee’s as well. Now, Go! Give your makeup bag a must needed green makeover!

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This fabulous, cute as ever bag, was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by the lovely Lana, whom I cannot thank enough for giving my Beauty Bag, a cute eco-friendly green makeover. Thanks!!

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