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Self Help:Care of Ken Paves Shampoo and Conditioner

September 14, 2010

Dear Ken Paves, thanks for getting the memo, that my hair was a hot mess, and needed immediate assistance.

If your like me and have hard water, or just neglect your hair sometimes and it needs some serious lovin’ I got something for ya. Self Help: Care of Ken Paves is a collection of hair products for hair in need of serious help. Its kinda like hair care for dummies. Just sit back and wash your hair, Ken will take care of the rest. No wonder Jessica likes him so much. He does hair well. This is a  great combo. The hydrophobicity-Enhancing shampoo and coordinating shampoo are part of a 7 piece hair collection which includes a Firm, Yet Flexible Stylist Mist, Max hold treatment hairspray, Volume friendly glosser, Elasticity Color Infusion, and Follicular Elasticity Baume.

The Sulfate Free Has Integrity Shampoo is a color preserving, sulfate free, rich foaming cream. It thoroughly and weightlessly, cleanses damaged hair, and protects color treated hair with beneficial ingredients.

The entire collection is free of harmful synthetics, which are damaging to hair. Instead of sulfates and other harsh additives, he uses active raw botanicals.

The Fountain of Youth Conditioner is a rich cream formula that brings back bounce to damaged, dry, color treated hair without weighing it down. It rinses clean, and is delightfully scented with essential oils instead of synthetic ingredients.

These are great quality products that harness Ken’s extensive experience into a bottle, in which real woman are able to love their hair again. The beneficial ingredients improve color retention, increase hair elasticity, reverse damage, and address the three major hair concerns: aging, damage, and color fading.

I love how soft my hair is after using these. I don’t have any tangles when I am done. The  fact the conditioner is clean rinsing, is a major plus. Nothing is more annoying then conditioner that takes forever to get out of your hair, and then when it does, you feel like you have a weird build up in your hair.

These products are available at, they sell out pretty quick when it airs.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This item was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by Sam, thanks a bunch!!

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