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Revolution Organics Freedom Gloss in Freedom (red)

September 14, 2010

I’ve been trying new things with my makeup lately. As some one who loves to channel her inner makeup artist, and play/experiment, instead of just going through the basics, I felt like something was missing. I’ve been taking a “Go Bold, or Go Home” attitude with makeup. So even if I’m not leaving the house, it doesn’t matter, I do it up Gwen Stefani style with this gloss, and rock the day away.I was already a fan of Revolution Organics glosses, and then I used this one. Worn sheerly, or worn bold, it wears and looks beautiful. I also love that its a TRUE red. and not that fushcia/magenta pink red. I always wanted to do red, but wasn’t sure how. But then I tried Freedom Gloss in Vibe and realized how sheer it was, and decided I could pull off Freedom (red). Its super universal. For someone, like me, who only normally wears lip balms, it took me a couple of days to adjust to the boldness, but I was hooked from day one.ORGANIC PLANT PROTEINS- organic plant proteins and extracts to deliver antioxidants and vitamins
ORGANIC OILS- organic jojoba oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic safflower oil to nourish and condition
ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER- to hydrate and moisturize
ORGANIC ALOE VERA- organic aloe vera sooth and soften
NATURAL PIGMENTS- pure mineral pigment for true natural color Revolution Organics is free of chemicals, mineral oil, petroleum, artificial ingredients and parabens. Instead, Freedom Gloss uses organic plant proteins and extracts to give lips a healthy dose of antioxidants and vitamins. Vitamin-rich organic jojoba oil nourishes and conditions, while organic shea butter hydrates and moisturizes. Organic aloe vera and olive oil soothe and soften as organic beeswax protects skin.

Packaged in recyclable, biodegradable, eco-chic material, Freedom Gloss infuses lips with all-natural mineral-based pigments, delivering good-for-you color.
My camera lighting is a little off on this one, it makes it look a tad bit pink, but its not. It is such a fantastic shade of red, I love my glossy red lips! Worn either sheerly or bold, this amazing gloss delivers incredible color, and lushious soft lips.Formulated with 100% natural and 85% healthy certified organic ingredients, it delivers all the benefits of a lip treatment in a beautiful gloss. It is free of chemicals, mineral oils, petroleum, artificial ingredients, and parabens. So all you get is a super sexy, shiny, non-toxic pout! Fabulous! I will warn you, once you try one, you will want to try them all…Gloss @ your own risk 🙂

This fab gloss and her sexy sisters can be found at Revolution Organics, Spirit Beauty Lounge, Saffron Rouge, The Nature of Beauty,  QVC, Visionary Boutique, and beautorium.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama

This fab gloss was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by Sam, who is super sweet!

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