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KORRES Quercetin & Oak Antiwrinkle Night Cream

September 14, 2010

Ok, raise your hand if you most definitely get your beauty sleep every night? Anyone? Didn’t think so. Now lets talk age.

*Gasps!* She said the “A” word!

Oh come on, we’re all friends here…I’m approaching,..ahem….a number. 🙂

You thought I was going to be brave there huh?

Actually its not a big deal. I am approaching 30, oh my god. I’m handling it quite well actually. Sometimes I think that just sounds crazy, but its mostly because time just flies by so fast. And while I do feel old, because kids will do that to ya. I mostly feel really old, because they are growing so fast. Its like where did the time go? I also REALLY feel old, because I most definitely do NOT get my recommend, whatever 8-10 hours sleep, I am supposed to get.

I will admit. While I am one hot mama, I am starting to get a few “W’s”. Now that’s the word, I don’t like. Who wants to say the word wrinkles right? Now thats a bad word. Anyways. I’ve been looking for something to start an anti-aging pick me up if you will, and by gosh I think I’ve found it. Korres has a new line of Quercetin & Oak Anti-Aging products.

Because I’m frugal, and like my products to last as long as possible I kept the inner plastic cover, and always put it back on. Now would also be a good time to point out how concentrated it is. When I first got it, it was full so obviously there was cream on the underside of this plastic cover. I was able to use the cream on the lid, 3 or 4 times before i ever dipped into the jar. Which I also love the jar. Its a nice, solid, heavy, jar.

(The following info from Korres site)

Quercetin and Oak age-reversing night cream for Younger, firmer, more elastic skin after the first application while dramatically reducing wrinkles and restoring skin elasticity and firmness as well as providing intense nourishment and hydration throughout the night

  • All packaging components are recyclable (paper, glass, aluminum, PP, PE)
  • Regenerative Oak Extract: Firms and plumps aging skin, boosting collagen and elastin production
  • Quercetin: Delivers polyphenol for maximum antioxidant protection; catalyzes proteasome activity in skin cells, dramatically improving cellular function, and creating more youthful, healthy, elastic skin.
  • Mourera Fluviatilis: Constantly regulates the optimum hydration of the cells, maintaining their health and improving their quality.
  • Time-release proprietary blend of Jojoba, Grape and Pomegranate oils provides instant nourishment and hydration throughout the night
  • Barrier-Repairing Everlasting (Amaranth) Lipids are naturally compatible with the skin and successfully control moisture loss, while effectively repairing and restoring damaged skin.
  • Myrtle Active Extract: Enhances intercellular communication, visibly increasing skin density, protecting collagen fibers, and significantly boosting elasticity.

At first I was a little worried with it being such a rich cream, that it would make my already oily skin breakout. But since I’m well educated in skincare and know that moisture is an oily skinned girls best friend, and I use facial oils all the time, I knew I’d be fine. And I was. This did not, and has not broke me out what so ever. I love it.

A common trend with night creams is they are greasy. This is so far from it. You only need a tiny bit, and it melts into your skin. It gives it a slight matte glow. You skin looks better as soon as you put it on, it looks more even toned. I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks at night and its helped improve my skin. Hoping it helps with the 11’s, now there’s another bad word!

You can find this night cream as well as the rest of the Quercetin & Oak line, at Korres, and at Sephora.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This night cream was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty.,by Käthe, who helps me keep lookin’ like a hot mama!

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