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hairdo by Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson 10-1/2″ Pony Tail

September 14, 2010

So I admit, while I never thought I could pull it off, I’ve always been interested in extension. As fashionable as we, are, we as woman get bored with our hair. Sometimes a little to easily. Which can result, in a quick snip, snip, that we end up regretting. I had ridiculously long hair, and for whatever reason I woke up one morning and chopped it off. Not sure why. Am I disappointed, yes. Will I do it again? Probably, we are creatures of habit.I miss my hair desperately, so when I received this, I was dying to try it out. But my 6 year old beat me to it. Dubbed as her, “Big Hair”, she snagged it, said it was forever hers, and could she please wear her “Big Hair” to 1st grade. To which I replied, “its not uniform approved.”

For review purposes though I allowed her to use it, and it was quite the hilarious experience. The color, light brown, was her exact color as well.

Here is a picture of her without the extension:

And afterwards with the extension: At the very top there is a little bobby pin sort of looking clip. After you’ve pulled your hair up, you shove that underneath your ponytail. Then wrap the ponytail around the hair, theres velcro. Then you wrap the long hair strand around it and fasten with the 2 bobby pins that are included.

Its heat safe. So you can wash, dry(hairdryer) on low setting, curl, and flat iron it.  It comes with an instruction book with all the care tips. It says you should wash every 4-6 wearings.

I’ve really enjoyed wearing, and playing with this, and being more girly with my hair. I’m kind of a throw my hair up and go type of girl. This ponytail helps girly it up more. I’ve enjoyed wearing it when I’ve got somewhere I have to go, where I need my hair to be a little dressier, but don’t want my hair in my face for long periods of time. It looks extremely real, and no one knew I was wearing it.

This ponytail and all of the other styles available, you can buy at QVC.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This item was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty. A big thanks to Sam for dressin’ up my hair, and makin’ it all spiffy!

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