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Earths Beauty Natural Mascara

September 14, 2010

On my journey through the natural mascara world, I came across Earth’s Beauty. Earth’s Beauty is not a company that’s just come out of the wood work, looking for a slice of the “green” money pie. They have been around for 10 years. They came out of the basic need of cosmetics without allergens. More and more these days people are starting to be more aware of their sensitivities and chemicals that are in their products. Earth’s Beauty is a solution, and is here to help!Owned and operated by a sweet lady named Marj, Earth’s Beauty is a small but very popular company. They understand the needs of those who have allergies to common cosmetic ingredients, those with chemical sensitivities and those of you who are looking for safe cosmetics. I received this in the mail, and while I did want to use it, I thought I would go at it with a different angle. Guest reviewing. I’ve been using green cosmetics, and products for quite sometime now. But not everyone is on my green bandwagon with me. My mom is one of those.

Not easily swayed by anything she sticks to what she knows. She faithfully used her Max Factor (gah!) foundation for years, until they stopped carrying it in the USA. So making suggestions doesn’t really sway her. She hears you, but probably not much will come of it. So one day at the table, I casually asked her, “Hey, are you out of mascara?” She said, “Ya, its actually on my list.” So I whipped out this shiny tube of lush lash-ness, and said “Here.”  And she gladly took it. And…..she loved it! Thats a huge thing. But she loved it.

Here is her thoughts on it.

“I love to wear mascara to church. So I used it. It stayed put. Only towards the end of the day did I get just a smidge of darkness at the corner of my eye, but it wiped away with my finger. And at the end of the day when I washed it off, it came off real easy. It made my lashes really nice.”

This mascara with organic beeswax builds thick, luscious lashes without lab-created chemicals! Apply a second coat for added fullness and length.

Available in two colors: Soft Black and Dark Cocoa (brown/black).  Also available in two sizes: full size and travel size.

The color and size reviewed was the Full Size Soft Black.

This is a really great mascara, that I would recommend to anyone going green or anyone who has eye and chemical sensitivities.

You can buy both colors and sizes at All Natural Cosmetics, which is also owned and operated by Marj. Shes a great lady, with loads of knowledge. Don’t hesitate to call her with any questions you may have.

Earths Beauty

All Natural Cosmetics

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This mascara was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty. by Marj, who is such a sweet lady.

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