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Suki Exfoliating Body Cleanser

September 8, 2010

Ok, so if you were with me about 5 seconds ago, you heard me say how much I love Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser. If you’ve used that and love it, or are now obsessed with wanting to use it, then wait just a sec, cause I’ve got something even bigger coming! Suki…Exfoliating….Cleanser,….for your Body! Oh sweet yumminess!The funniest part about this product is that I was obsessed with wanting to scrub my body with it. But I did not get to use it right away which was rough because, I was literally antsy with excitement. I used the face version first. And I was hooked. But I decided that Suki products, are kinda like a fine wine, and meant to me savored and enjoyed. So I wanted more then my 5 seconds in the shower, before hearing one of the kids yelling, “mine, or mommy!” So I decided I would wait til a day, when I could use it at nap time. But with 2 little ones, just going into toddler beds, they were just so utterly excited, the sheer thought of sleep was far from their mind. FINALLY! The excitement wore off, and I got to use it, and I love it soooo much!This is unlike any body scrub, I’ve ever seen or used for that matter. They had me at Lemongrass, but the words “non-greasy, and clean rinsing”, sold me like a kid in a candy store. I’m so sick or shower body scrubs that leave that awful, weird, residue on your skin. Not to mention that most body scrubs and exfoliants ONLY, exfoliate. This has so many benefits to the skin, besides, scrubbing you down all smooth and squeaky clean. Suki created this version of the original packed full of good stuff to address the needs of your body’s skin. I love using it the day after I’ve waxed. It makes my legs super super soft and smooth. On to the facts!

  • Non-Greasy, Rinses Clean
  • All Skin Types, especially formulater for eczema prone skin.
  • Reduces cellulite, dermatitis, and acne.
  • Vegan, Synthetic Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe for Pregnant Mommys and those with sensitive skin.
  • Smooths bumps, blemishes, unclogs pores.
  • Anthocyaninc & Polyphenols(Acai Oil) fights environmental oxidation and aging
  • Caffeine(Coffee Beans) Reduces Inflammation and tightens cells
  • Citric Acid(Lemongrass) reduces cellulite, increases circulation

Similar to its facial version sister, less is more. about a nickel-quarter size, will do a large area of your body. This product is especially good for getting rid of dead skin cells, elbows & feet, and dry patches. Pair this after shower with either of Suki’s body moisturizers, Suki Velvet Moisturizing Cream or Suki Delicate Hydrating Oil and you’ve got a perfect match!

The size I reviewed was just a sample size. The regular size is a hefty 7 oz. jar. I’ve gotten a lot of uses out of the little sample I have and I still have some, so the 7 oz. jar would last a good long while.  I am definitely adding this to my list! This would make an awesome gift for someone.

You can find this at SukiSkincare.Com, online at select boutiques, and small and large whole foods markets.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama

This sample product was sent to me for review at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by Michelle, who I am extremely grateful of for sending me these great Suki products.

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