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Suki Luscious Lips Berry Cream Trio

September 7, 2010

Oh Suki….you win me over everytime. When I first received this palette, I wasn’t sure if the colors would work for me. I was so very wrong. As a busy mom, I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere. So usually a chapstick, or if I’m lucky a gloss, is a nice little luxury throughout the day. Now, if I happen to leave the house and have either of these, it’s gonna be a rough day. Now normally, I like my balms and lipglosses to have a high shine. This is the exact opposite, but I am completely infatuated with it. I am LOVEing the sheer, matte-ness on my lips. I actually have to admit, I think I like this new look. Its matte, and its the perfect all natural color. I am really into it. This palette rocks my world in so many different ways. For one. It multi-tasks. I am obsessed with beauty products that multi-task.  It is their fantastic lip repair butter and their pure cream stains in wineberry kiss & sugarberry pout. I didn’t realize this until I received it, that it is cheeks and lips. Fantastic! Both colors are very universally flattering. I can wear both colors very well.

What I really like, used with the lipbrush, I have lips!! I know, that sounds like a funny statement, but follow me on this one. As a busy mom I am normally doing my lip maintenance with a mirror and usually while I’m doing like 7 other things. This requires me to look in a mirror. Unless I use the lip repair butter, which I am obsessed with. But anyways back to my point. Since I am needing to look into the mirror, I’ve actually come to realize that I have really nice lips! I line them with the Wineberry Kiss, fill them in with whatever is left on the brush, and then I layer with the Sugarberry Pout, and Perfect-O! I have the most perfect pout! Thank you Suki, for reminding me that I need to be more girly. I have fabulous lips. 🙂

I put this on and it lasts and lasts. Whats not to love about that? I’ve been using both colors as my cheek tints. I use them on bare skin on my dry moisturized skin. Then after a fluff of powder my perfect flush of color on my cheeks stays put all day and looks so good.  It has a really nice lip brush, so your never are without one.I can’t get enough of this palette. Its been my go to in my bag lately. I use it every morning and take it with me when I leave. I guarantee anyone who buys it will not be disappointed. It would make a fantastic gift for someone. If nothing else buy the lip repair butter. It is an amazing matte lip balm that is unlike any lip balm, chapstick, you have ever, or will ever use. Now…..the specifics!

  • 100% pure, no synthetics! no gmo’s, preservatives, lake, fd & c, coal tar colors, no yuckies!
  • organic ingredients: jojoba oil, fair trade shea butter, non gmo vitamin E, calendula.

You can buy this at, and other places online that sell all natural products, spas, independent and whole foods markets.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This amazing lip palette was sent to me for review purposes at Eat.Sleep.Beauty., by Michelle, she’s simply fantastic!

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