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Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler

September 6, 2010

I love my Lashes. When they behave, they are my favorite. When they don’t I have a total lash meltdown, that basically consists of much time spent in front of the mirror trying to get my lashes to go where I want them to, because I’m the boss, and I say so.Until about a 2 years ago, I was a lash curler virgin. Had never had one, and didn’t really think I needed one. Then one day I was watching QVC, and heard one of my fav hosts talking about her beloved Shu Uemura eye lash curler. I decided to buy one. Keeping in mind I had no other lash curler to compare it to, I thought it was amazing. Fast forward to now. Shu is exiting the US, and I start to wonder, what will I use now? No worries. Tarte has me covered. Not only does have my back on this one, but is a little less pricey AND it a million times better. This is the first ergonomically designed eyelash curler! Easy grip handles provide a more comfortable feel while the purple silicone pad makes it easy to see every lash, and allows for the appropriate amount of pressure to curl lashes naturally. The curved angle suits all eye shapes without pinching or crimping for the perfect, pain-free curl. Includes silicone pad refill. Refills available on Tarte’s website for $1! The trick to using it is to squeeze the handles together until they touch and then release for the perfect curl.

If its a crime to be obsessed with a make up accessory, then I am guilty as charged. This thing is the best thing since mascara. It has literally saved my morning lash meltdowns. My old curler, my Shu, it did OK. But my lashes all kind of have a mind of its own. They all want to go every which way. And so when I put mascara on it looks awful, I have a hissy, the mascara comes off and I start over.  This has saved me the stress. Its a miracle worker for lashes. One little squeeze and it puts my lashes exactly where they need to be. Followed by a lights, camera, lashes, and my lashes are on the straight and narrow for the day.

I’m highly recommending this lash curler if you want super fab-yummy-lushious lashes. I love the perfect curl it gives my lashes and not the pinched look. My other favorite thing is the handles. No uncomfortable metal handle. Just comfy handles. Perfect!

Here are a few pictures….. Un-curled


Finished with Tarte try me collection

tarte’s green artistry team suggests:

For an extra curl, heat your curler for 10 seconds with a hair dryer.  (I have not done this yet, but I want to. My kids are always in bed sleeping, and its to loud to run the dryer. But its on my list of to do’s!)

Available at Tarte.comSephora,  QVC,, Henri Bendel & Boutiques nationwide.

Hugs & Lipgloss,

Beauty Mama


This fabulous item was sent to me for review purpose by the generous Kristin. Whom I am extremely grateful for saving me from morning lash meltdowns.

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