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Step by Step Instructions for Paul Penders ICT

September 6, 2010

When I did my initial review of Paul Penders ICT, it was a sample and I was so excited to use it, that I totally forgot to take pictures. Yea, its important to me. I like to be detailed and all. So today I have for you step by step instructions and a more personal look at the ICT, followed my a week by week update on my results from using it. If you want to start from the beginning and get an intro into what ICT is and what it does you can read my post from July here….Paul Penders ICT.

For starters here is what you get in a box: Step1 Powder, Step2 Liquid, Bowl, Scooper

Step 1- Pour 2 scoops of powder into the bowl. 

Step 2-  Fill the scooper 3/4 of the way full with Liquid.

Step 3 & 4- Pour Liquid into bowl and stir. I use a foundation brush to stir, and apply ICT, and it makes it very easy.

Step 5- Let it set for a minute and do the 60 second facial workout, thats enclosed on the instruction pamplet. Now you are ready to apply. For first time users, or for those with very dry skin, they recommend using HSC (Paul Penders Hydrating Control Serum) or your fav moisturizer prior to application. Smooth ICT on face avoiding eyes. Keep on for 10-30 minutes. I usually do 40-45.  RELAX.  You will feel a warm, energizing sensation as the active ingredients deliver fresh oxygen to the skin’s surface. Dead cells and impurities are removed from the epidermal layer to leave your skin cleaner and clearer then before.  When the time is up rinse face and neck with water and wipe traces away with a washcloth.

I won’t lie that “warm,energizing sensation”? Its pretty intense. I have sensitive skin, so to me, it does feel like it is burning a bit, but if you can get past the first 4 minutes, the rest is smooth sailing, and the results are worth it. I really want to use this sometime when I have a cold, it would definitely help me breathe and open my nasal passages.

Hope this helps everyone, and answers any questions anyone has about this fabulous treatment.

Hugs & Lipgloss,

Beauty Mama

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