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Paul Penders Natural Mascara

September 6, 2010

When I first went green with my make up, the first thing I changed was my mascara. You’ve all heard what juicy, disgusting stuff can be in your mascara. Its not a myth.  Theres all types of junk, and garbage in conventional mascara.  Tar, Petro-chemicals, and other nonsense that is not only bad for you and the earth, but even worse for your eyes. Everyday people get eye infections, lose their vision, and other awful things, in the name of lush lashes.Many mascaras contain tar but Paul Penders natural mascaras have natural waxes and plant oils instead, including Carnauba Wax and Linseed and Wheatgerm Oils. Also contains Vitamin B to strengthen and thicken the eye lashes. Because natural formulations are used, they are great for wearers of contact lenses as well. It has a nice brush that coats the lashes all the way around for great coverage.

I love mascara. I don’t know what it is. Maybe because when I can get my lashes to behave, I think my eyes are my best feature. Maybe thats just me but thats what I think anyways. What I love about this mascara, its non clumpy. When its on, I can’t really feel it. It doesn’t leave them stiff and hard. They are soft and lushious.

It comes in black and brown. The shade I reviewed is the black. Hopefully maybe in the future there will be a plum color. What is it with plum colored mascara. I love it. But I love this black. Some blacks are to bold for me and normally I will wear brown or plum. This is one of the first blacks that I’ve been able to wear, and its not to bold. If I want to wear it a little more dramatic, I wait for it to dry and then I able a second coat, to the outer lashes. I like this a lot. I will definitely buy this again, maybe next time in the brown.

You can purchase this mascara as well as other Paul Penders make up products such as lead-free lipstick, natural cover up concealer, mineral eyeshadows and blushes at All Natural Cosmetics.

Hugs & Lipgloss,

Beauty Mama


This item was sent to me for review purpose by Paul Penders and Marj, over at All Natural Cosmetics.

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