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August 30, 2010

This week, hopefully the next couple days I will get all of my suki reviews up. It feels great to have a functioning blackberry and internet that works, I can finally get back to work yipee!

Anyways. Suki. I heart Suki. Suki, such a great name. Kinda reminds me of that oldies song, “Sugar Sugar”.

“Suki Suki, aww honey, honey”.

I mean, I have never met her, but seriously her photo shouts all kinds of sweet as can be lady, does it not? She has such fantastic natural beauty, shes beautiful. I love her products, and love the natural beauty that she instills in them.

A good mass portion of her products, and I ain’t complaining what so ever, carry their signature lemongrass smell. This uber-yummy oh soooo, soooo fantastic smell, is so delicious, oh man. Seriously, I thought I was crazy about Lavender til I met lemongrass…

Dear Suki….please make me a lemongrass body spritz, so I can smell like that all day.  k thanks! 🙂

Check back this week to hear more. Or if your antsy, head on over to Suki, and learn more!

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