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Cargo Plant Love Natural Origin Loose Powder Foundation

August 8, 2010

On my journey to find the “it” mineral make up, I discovered Plant Love. Plant Love, created by the uber popular Cargo Cosmetics, famous for their Blu-ray cosmetics, and more. Plant Love is their naturals line. I love when a company or product has a uniqueness to them.

These are some of the great highlights:

  • Natural cosmetic certified by EcoCert
  • 99.2% of ingredients are of natural origin
  • 10%  of ingredients are from organic farming
  • No parabens
  • No Synthetics, dyes, colors, fragrance
  • Jar is made of 100% plant-derived plastic
  • Carton is made from 100% post consumer waste

All that before you even open it, and get to the good stuff. Awesome!

What is EcoCert? EcoCert is an internationally recognized organic certification that guarentees the genuine practice of environmental respect throughout the formulation and manufacturing of the product.  I really like products that carry this certification. It really helps me know that the goods, are good.

Don’t forget to recycle the box!!

Made in Italy and good for 24 months once opened, this super sheer, non creasy or greasy powder, dispenses out of 20 small holes. I love that it did not feel heavy on face or break me out. It is sold at Beauty 360. I don’t have the luck of having one near me, but I have browsed online quite a few times now. I counted 5 shades. they are listed as 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.

This particular one was #30. I have fair-light skin. 9 times out of 10, I am smack dab in the middle. Porcelain is too fair, and some light shades are to dark. Worn sheerly, it was not to dark. The next shade up would definitely be to dark. I would say my ideal shade would be #20.  I wore it sheerly and so it worked but usually I do a layer or 2 for more coverage. But it was most definitely do able. I am also guessing that this and the next shade up, #40 are probably the 2 more popular shades.

I would definitely buy this powder again. I wore this over a week before I reviewed it. It performed well up againist my oily skin, and gave me decent coverage, even though I applied sheerly. It didn’t show up on my face either which was also nice.  I also really liked the shape of the container a lot. Its similar to the normal jar shape however all the edges are rounded and smooth. Once the lid was off, it made for a really nice large area to “swirl, tap, buff”  sound familiar? haha.  But you know what I mean. 🙂  I used my Jane Iredale Retractable Handi Brush, and it gather the powder nice, and neatly applied it onto my face.

Sold at Beauty 360, for $28. The jar is a heaping 15 grams. It will last quite a well, making it a good buy. I am a firm believer in teaching people the concept of quantity vs. quality, and that quality equals yes, more money. But really when you divide how long you get out it, it very closely puts it in the same price range with inferior products from the drugstore, etc. And really this is only $28. That really is not expensive, its the same price as most mineral makeups. I have used more expensive products, that performed far less then this. So it is a good products.  You can grab this and all of the other great Plant Love products at  Beauty 360 .

Hugs & Lip Gloss,

Beauty Mama


This product was given to the Beauty Mama, for review purposes at Beauty Like No Other. A huge, I mean HUGE shout out and thanks to the Christie, for being so patient with the delay. A million thanks!

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