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Jane Iredale Lip Fixation

July 22, 2010

Lip Fixation™ boasts a lip stain and lip gloss in complimentary colors handpicked for the season. In 3 colors: Desire, Fascination and Craving. Fortified with the natural plumping properties of ginger root extract and the moisturizing power of avocado oil, these ultra-hydrating, long-lasting shades last all day without losing their intensity.

My previous experience with a lip stain were not so great. As well as my first and only experience with a lip product that promises plumping results. I had tried Benefit’s Lip and Cheek Tint. Its supposedly like this coveted beauty product…..insert rolling of the eyes and big pfhh! here ——-> 😉
Sorry, I’m not buyin’ it. It was disgusting. I don’t get what anyone see in it. And my first and last for that matter, experience was with Bare Minerals Buxom Gloss,…..*ducks and hides* Sorry BE girls…that product is AWFUL! Instantly felt like it was burning my lips but then they were also numb at the same time……ridiculous!

The shade that I am reviewing is Craving. I have a confession to make. At first I didn’t think I liked it. I thought the shade was off. Turns out, you just need very little. And then it was like the most perfect sheer nude, slightly pink shade. Love it.

So I used End #1- the color. Put a little on with the sponge applicator.

Then it dries in like one hot second. It was quick. What I noticed was that my lips hadn’t felt like they had been put in a space bag, and sucked in really tight. It didn’t have that super dried up feeling.

Then I used End #2-and applied the clear gloss with the brush applicator, which was pretty fab by the way.

And presto! Super cute sheer nude pink lips in a flash, that are gonna last this mama all day! Yipee!

These are the colors…

Craving, Clear Gloss, Craving with Clear Gloss

One of my favorite things about this gloss, is a not so obvious one. But for me, I was like WooHoo! Once you’ve had the gloss on for a while and you’d expect your lips to dry up, it didn’t. It left my lips with the nice creamy consistancy you’d get from a lip balm. It was very moisturizing. I really liked it. And I also felt it did plump my lips up as well. But I never felt that scary numbness or burning that I felt with the previous brand. It was a nice experience. So nice, I might just need to own them all. I do believe when I write my Multi-Tasking Mama Post, This will be the gloss. The color pretty much the whole day and I think I re-applied the gloss like twice. What a time saver!

You can buy this, and other great Jane Iredale Products online at Jane Iredale, or use the store locator. You may be one of those lucky ones that has a boutique near you!

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

This fab-tacular (yes that is a word!) gloss was sent to the Beauty Mama, for review purposes @ Beauty Like No Other, by Perry, who is so wonderful, and educative in Jane Iredale. Thanks!

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