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CARGO PlantLove 100% Natural Origin Eyeshadow

July 22, 2010

What it is:
A high performance and incredibly soft micronized eye shadow that is infused with both natural and organic ingredients and is housed in the award winning PlantLove™ biodegradable packaging.

CARGO cosmetics, famous for its Blu-Ray Powders and Concealers, have developed Plant Love, a cosmetic line of 100% natural origin. Plant Love, wildly famous for their celebrity designed, and loved lipsticks, are a customer favorite. And also well known for their packaging

I’m quite looking forward to my Plant Love reviews. I mean seriously, look at this packaging! How super cute is that? How could you not be drawn to it, want it, and want to show it off? Its very feminine, fun and chic. It appeals, to the inner hippy/girlie girl in you. After all, as much as the whole “its whats on the inside that counts” applies, we are all drawn to packaging. We’re all packaging snobs, whether we admit it or not.

Beyond the packaging obsession, the insides just as good as the outside. With such things like Grape seed, Sunflower, and Rosehip Oil, its not only good for your skin, its pretty too. The color I am going to show today is Lily. A really pretty pink, that has a shimmer/glitter to it. A slightly high shimmer, depending on application. I really liked this color a lot. I don’t think I’ve really owned a color like this since high school. When I’m almost positive, I had a shade similar to this, that I wore everyday. Only it was made a by a yucky company. But I didn’t know any better back then.

Back to the color. Now stating I wore this shade in high school does not by mean in anyway that it is for girls of a younger age. Ladies of all ages could wear it. I think it comes down to more of a shimmer/no shimmer preference, some of us like more matte shades, in which case this is not one.

My compact had an accident. I dropped something on my make-up bag. In its defence, it didn’t stand a chance, it was pretty heavy. So don’t feel like if you drop it, or drop something light on it that it will break. I got it good, it was sad and I yelled, “man, down”! Ok so I didn’t really yell that.

But I got it all tucked away safe and sound courtesy of a nice little empty Donna Karan jar I had. Here’s an upclose of its new home so you can see the color better.

On bare eyelids, it didn’t make it all day. I should specify, that my “make up” day is usually like 12-15 hours. So its a long one. On a primed eyelid it performed quite well. I like that it made my eyes pop. I like that its made without dyes, colors, or fragrances and paraben free. Housed in 100% plant-derived plastic, that is biodegradable and recyclable, its a big winner all around. I will definitely buy it again. Might grab the Heron next, its a really pretty pale blue. I’ve been dying to find a good blue eyeshadow.

You can grab this eyeshadow as well as the rest of the Plant Love Collection at Beauty 360.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

This item was sent to me for review purposes @ Beauty Like No Other, courtesy of Christie who is not only kind, generous, but also very patient! Thank you!

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