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Jane Iredale Retractable Handi Brush

July 20, 2010

I love make up brushes. I sometimes love the brushes more then the make up. This is definitely one of those times. In the past I wasn’t so sure about retractable brushes. They always either fell short, had so-so bristles, or just did not perform like a regular brush.
Fast forward to a few months ago. A favorite, beloved, and very expensive brush of mine, had a bad incident occur when it got ate by the zipper on my make up case. Insert sad face here….—–> 😦 I vowed to never, if at all possible use any brushes in my make up case that were not retractable. And this is when I met Jane Iredale’s Retractable Handi Brush……….Insert happy face here……——> 🙂

Ok so before I go any further, I want to clear something up before any questions arise. Yes, it is made with animal hair. And normally I don’t review them. Only because most of the time I use synthetic, they tend to be cheaper. Synthetic bristles resist absorbing oils, and make up and stay a little cleaner. But there are still make up brushes made with hair that I own, that I like and this is one of them. It is also important to address the big pink elephant in the room. Jane Iredale’s site specifically states: Cruelty-Free: All of the natural hair used in the manufacture of our brushes comes from after-market suppliers. No animals are harmed in any way.” And I commend them for making a statement like that right out in the open. Based on that statement, I believe its a matter of personal preference/choice. So please don’t comment or email about this if you disagree its not up for discussion. Back to the brush!!

Used best with pressed powders, this brush performs flawlessly. I have also used it with loose powders and it did a great job as well.
Composed from the finest natural material available, Jane Iredale brushes are designed to be both effective and gentle. Inspired by the sobriety and functionality of Scandinavian design, their brushes are hand-tied so only the kindest part of the hair touches your delicate skin.

Hand-tied and made from goat hair it has the same qualities as The Handi Brush, but in compact, retractable form that fits neatly into a purse or small make up bag without any mess, and without the possibility of the zipper harming those sweet little bristles 😉

I really like this brush. When I first got it, I think I petted it for a minute or so. Yes. Yes I did..any fellow make up brush lover would understand the softness, density, firmness…we have standards for what we expect out of a make up brush. And we find that, its usually followed by the words, “fabulous”, delicious”, or “Ooo! Yummy” 🙂 If your not that into make up brushes you wouldn’t probably get it. And thats ok. Everyone has their thing. One of mine is brushes. And this ones great. It performed flawlessly on pressed and loose powders. It dispersed it evenly and smoothly onto my face. I am in awe at the smoothness and the quality of this brush. Held up to the light, the top is completely straight, smooth, and perfect. You can tell when a brush has had a decent amount of work into it, not to mention the hand tied bristles. That speaks quality.

You can find this brush and other great Jane Iredale brushes at Jane Iredale

You can also go to their Where to Buy section to see online retailers and store locations. You may just get lucky and have one near you!

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

***DISCLOSURE***This item was sent to me for review purposes @ Beauty Like No Other, by Perry, she’s Spectacular! A million thanks for introducing me to Jane Iredale!!

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