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erbaviva Organic Baby Soap

July 19, 2010

Probably the mildest soap you will find, made with love and care to delicately nurture you or your baby’s tender skin. Erbaviva’s Baby Soap contains only the highest quality natural ingredients. Pure milk, honey and essential oils of lavender are blended together to enhance the creamy rich lather. This soap is particularly helpful for people of all ages who have sensitive skin.

Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, milk, honey, lavender essential oil.

This product is exceptionally great for people with sensitive skin. The purpose in reviewing this was for my kids. But once I read the ingredients I decided to also review it as a gentle skin cleanser as well. Which it does a very good job at. I have problematic skin. It is oily, breaks out, is sensitive. This bar not only served its purpose as an excellent mild baby cleanser, but it surpassed my expectations of a gentle, mild, soap for anyone with sensitive. Its perfect to wash my 6 year olds face as well. When she lets me that is. I also think its important to mention that not only is olive oil good for problematic skin, but honey is healing and anti-bacterial, while lavender is soothing. Its an excellent concoction for my face.

It is made nice too. Its a nice generous size. It doesn’t have melting, mushy qualities that some bars have. I love bar soaps for washing my babies. Theres 2 wild little things splish-splashin’ around in the tub, so when baths are going to be or need to be quick, I turn to the aid of a bar soap. Makes scrubbing them up quick and easy. They smelled yummy when they got out. I reviewed a sample version of this. But after using it, I plan on buying the full size. Its fantastic.

You can buy the full size that comes gift wrapped in the cotton satchel for $12 or you can buy the refill for $8.


Its almost to cute to use. 🙂

You can find this at bar at Erbaviva , Saffron Rouge, and select places that sell organics.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

This item was given to me in sample form for review purposes @ Beauty Like No Other, courtesy of Julie at Erbaviva. 🙂

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