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Eco Tools Cellulose 3 Pack Facial Sponges

July 19, 2010

These are one of my or maybe is my favorite Eco Tools product. It is a 3 pack of indiviually wrapped facial sponges. I buy them at Target and its $2.99. So you pay $1 a sponge. And they stay fresh and clean til you need to open them and use them. I’d say I go through 1 about every 2 weeks. I wash it after about a week if it starts to smell.

I love that they are Earth friendly. Cellulose is botanically derived from plant pulp so they do not contain petroleum by-products such as foam or plastic. It gently wash away dirt, oil and makeup. I really like how gentle it is to my skin. But how well it cleans it. It doesn’t tug or pull at my skin, or scratch it. It gently takes the day away and leaves my complexion looking clean and renewed. Its my favorite budget friendly beauty tool. I also want to mention, that it gentle on the eyelids as well, if there is any left over liner or stubborn mascara, this gentle removes it. Wash clothes tend to be to harsh on the eyelids.

Dampen sponge, apply cleanser, gently squeeze to create lather, and use a gentle circular motion to cleanse face.
After use, rinse well and air dry.
Replace as needed.

Available at Target and select stores.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

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