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tarte EyeQuatics Waterproof Summer Essentials Set *Sephora Exclusive*

July 18, 2010

So for starters. I love tarte. I’ve never met a tarte product that I didn’t like until just recently. I’d also like to mention that I hate writing bad reviews. Especially for a tarte product. But I must. My blog is all honesty, and even though I love tarte, I did not like this product at all. I was really excited to try this kit, and it fell short, big time.

So I guess for starters lets go over whats in it.
You get a deluxe Lights, Camera, Splashes! 4-in-1 Natural Waterproof Mascara, 3-Lock & Roll Creaseless Eye Shadow Duos in Lavendar, Teal, Champagne, Mod-Chic Head Scarf

Here are the cream colors by themselves:

Here are the loose powders by themselves:

And here is what they look like when used together:

This is the scarf, its really pretty, and its huge:

Ok so here comes the pros and cons:

The Pros:
It has a really pretty scarf, that is very big. It comes with a deluxe Light, Camera, Splashes! I did not review this product. I am assuming that I will like this product when I use it or someone will if I give it as a gift. I like the Lights, Camera, Lashes! so I am assuming that it is similar, just has waterproof qualities. Sorry I am frugal, and currently have mascaras open so I don’t want to waste.

The Cons:
I believe that they’re either old or have been sitting somewhere hot. Which made it maybe not perform as well. The purple was all seperated and there was no way to get it shook back together, it was gross. The first and only color I used on my eyelids was champagne. With primer it felt cakey, dry and very weird. Without primer, I don’t know how to explain it, but it did not go on smooth. It was more sheer in some spots, and it started to set so quickly that if I went back over the spot to correct, it messed it up even more. The only results I had were on the back of my hand when I swatched it. I don’t know if I would call it waterproof, it rinsed off pretty easy, without the use of soap.

The roller balls were ridiculously hard to use. I couldn’t get anything out unless I pushed REALLY hard. Other then that not much came out. I can’t imagine someone actually trying to push that hard on their eyelids to roll it on. Ouch!
My BIGGEST complaint. And I had forgot that I read this previously on a review. I swatched the teal on my hand. Like I said the colors rinsed off easily. HOWEVER. The teal. Oh. My. Gosh. Left a teal line on the top of my hand…….for 3, THREE!! days. WHAT?!?! I was on Sephora earlier, and tons of people are saying the same thing. Thats just crazy. SO beware….Do NOT put the Teal on your eyelids!

I’m really shocked at this kit. When I first heard about Lock & Roll Creaseless Shadows, I was like, that sounds perfect for my oily eyelids. Not so much. It was an awful product. I haven’t decided if I’m keeping it. I am just glad that I bought it when it was $15 and not whatever it used to be. I haven’t decided if the scarf and deluxe mascara are worth the $15 to keep, or gift to someone.
I do not recommend this set what so ever. 😦 Sorry tarte.

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

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