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Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Balm

July 13, 2010

I crave simplicity. I’m a little picky when it comes to my beauty routine. I’m all for beauty products that multi-task. The simpler, the quicker, the easier,….the better. HOWEVER…If the product claims to do even more the 1 thing, it better deliver. If it can do more then 2 things, then it better be spectacular. This balm is spectacular. Lately I’ve been trying to simplify my beauty routine and decided to limit myself to 5 items tops, and 5 minutes tops. This is one of my items. There will be more on this next week as I decided what I am choosing for my items, for my Multi-tasking Mama article. This for sure will be one of them.

The last couple days I’ve used very little make up, with very few products. And in my opinion my make up has never looked better. I used a spectacular tinted moisturizer ( you’ll find out about it, later this week!!), this glow balm, mascara, and of course my go to lately, Revolution Organics gloss in vibe. Peach/Coral is such a spectacular color for cosmetics!

Left Freedom Glow Balm in Sunkissed, On the right Revolution Organics Freedom gloss in Vibe. They complement each other perfectly!

Sunkissed is the most perfect shade of peach/coral. It was a nice alternative to a bronzed sunkissed glow, which I do love as well. It gave me a really nice healthy glow, its fantastic. I love that its not sticky. Its just a nice smooth balm, that blends beautifully into your skin and makes you look amazing.

My 6 year old loves it as well. I like knowing that shes getting her make up fix with out subjecting her to chemicals. Actually all of my make up is “green”, but you know what I mean. Its also simplified her dress up/put make up on me time. Instead of having to pull all my make up out, I whipped this stick out this morning, blended a little on her forehead, cheeks, lips, and a little on her eyes, and she was good to boogie and she was pretty happy about it. It was cute.

Called “The ultimate beauty multi-tasker”. It is an all-in-one, natural, on-the-go, easy to use formula, hydrating hint of tint, that is FREE of chemicals, synthetics, and artificial ingredients. This wonderfully magical balm contains only 100% pure, natural and organic ingredients.

ORGANIC OILS organic olive, coconut and jojoba oils to moisturize and soften
ORGANIC BEESWAX to protect and hydrate
ORGANIC ALOE VERA to condition and soothe
NATURAL PIGMENTS Pure mineral pigment for true natural color

It comes in 3 shades to mix and match, or match perfectly for different skin tones. I think anyone could use all of them, and be just fine, I know that I want all 3 🙂 All revolution organics products are concentrated, multi-tasking beauty products. All of which are free of chemicals, parabens, synthetics, artificial ingredients, and fillers, including water so each concentrated product delivers more so consumers use less.

I call it my 10 second makeover in a stick. I Love it, and I think you will to. It literally transformed me in 10 seconds, it was awesome!

You can find this balm and the other 2 color choices @

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

This item was given to the Beauty Mama, for review purposes at Beauty Like No Other.
A huge thanks to the lovely Samantha, for making that possible!

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