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Per-fekt Skin Perfecting Gel

July 13, 2010

On my quest to find the ultimate in beauty multi-taskers, I came acrossed Per-fekt Beauty. They only make 3 products. A skin Perfection Gel that comes in 5 shades, an Eye Perfection Gel that comes in 4 shades, and a Body Perfection Gel that comes in 3 shades.

The skin perfection gel promises to instantly perfect and enhance the appearance of the skin offering an easy alternative to traditional foundation, primer, color corrector and powder. Say what? Thats a huge multi-tasking claim!

So does it live up to it?
Read on…

I’ve been curious about it, so I was glad when Sephora gave me a sample with my order. Because at $57.50 for a not so big bottle, I was very skeptical. Especially since true multi-taskers are rare. So I gave it a shot.

One of my bigger complaints is I think the colors are off a little. Not that it gave my face an odd color or anything, just that it blended so well. The shade I got was Radiant. Which is the middle shade. Browsing on their website I thought for sure that I would need the Luminous shade for my fair skin. The Radiant however, matched perfectly.

I like that it is Oil, Fragrance, Talc, Water, and paraben free.

The verdict? I loved it actually. As far as a primer goes, it smoothed out my skin tone and blended well. It did a little as far as toning down redness. As far as concealer goes, at the time I was lucky and hadn’t broken out, but I don’t know that this would really work all that well at concealing blemishes. Powder wise, I gave it a fair shot. I wore just this, no primer, no powder. I felt like it did quite a decent job at keeping oil at a distance for a decent amount of time.

Would I buy it?
I’m not for certain. I did like it. $58 is a bit steep for what seems a little bottle. I will say this though. You do get what you pay for, and it was pretty concentrated, I only needed a little. So I’m sure once it breaks down, it’d be worth it. I just usually don’t have $58 laying around that I can spend on make up.

*UPDATE* August 5th,  I used this about 3 times. I really don’t know how it does all the multiple things it states to do, but it does. The only thing is if your skin is not flawless, which mine normally is not, you will need to spot treat. But other then that, it really does multi function. It actually performed quite stellar as a powder, kept me shine free for a decent amount of time.

You can find this little gem @, and

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

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