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Beauty Cosmedics Oil-Free Moisture SPF15

July 13, 2010

So there some things, in my make up routine that are not “green” so to speak.

*GASP!* For shame you say, Beauty Mama, how could you?!


Here’s the thing. There’s about 3, 4, maybe 5 things tops in my beauty routine that I have not done away with yet.
Here’s why. My skin is finicky. It does not like very many things. So it doesn’t mean that I have just chose not to replace them with something safe, its just that for whatever reason my skin likes them and keeps them irritation and acne free.
Its a nobody wins situation.

One of those items happens to be my moisturizer. I have used Neutrogena Combination Skin lotion for a while. When I stray, my face has choice words for me, and I reluctantly go back to it.

Its with great pleasure and excitement to say my moisturizer has FINALLY met its match.

You must know that for a product to replace a previously used/loved product in my daily bag, is no small task, and it really is an honor.

To replace such item a product REALLY has to perform and deliver, and this lotion from Beauty Cosmedics did just that.

My skin is oily. It is dry. It is sensitive. It is mildy rosecea, in some areas. It is acne prone…..

In other words, its whatever it wants to be, whenever it chooses to be. Fun stuff, huh?:)

In previous experience my face didn’t respond well to any sunscreens. Chemical or Non-Chemical. I have had literally no problems with this product, and if anyone was going to have a problem with a product it would be my skin.

This Oil Free Moisture SPF 15 from Beauty Cosmedics is amazing! Theres about a million reasons why I’m lovin’ it, but I’ll start with the most important.

Without the use of parabens, fragrance, chemicals, petroleum, perfume, talc, dyes, fillers and artificial preservatives, it already stands out as an amazing moisturizer. Light and Soothing, with its UVA/UVB protection, it hydrates and protects WITHOUT clogging pores. Yipee!! It also claims to double as a primer. So to test that I have been going without primer, and it definitely serves its purpose as a primer. A lot of people can’t wear primers because they clog pores. This is a double whammy one step wonder lotion.

This is the clear. This is the lotion that I said literally stomped all over my Neutrogena…which is now,….in the trash. Yah!
It looks white but it blends in VERY easily, and leaves no white what so ever. Its spectacular. I especially LOVE that you only need a little bit, its so concentrated. Along with blending easily, it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin with a nice glow. I’ve been wearing this along with 2 other shades of it, and its been amazing. What?! 2 more shades you say? Oh yes,… the way…this formula also comes in tinted formula. How awesome! There are 4 shades total. I will be reviewing 3 of them.

Clear, Light, Medium, Bronze (not shown)

I love the fact that the shades are universal. Heres what I mean. I have SOOO many options.

Option #1- I can wear the clear, and no make up or wear it under my powder foundation etc.

Option #2- I can wear the light and wear bronzer, etc. This would also be my winter shade.

Option #3- I can wear the Medium, which is like almost an exact fit at the moment because I some how got a little color. I’ll call it my summer shade.

Option #4- OR I could wear the Bronze, and skip bronzer altogether. I have not tried this. But I have no doubt that if used sheerly, even I with fair skin, could use it.




Fair, Clear, Medium

I usually find maybe 1 thing that I don’t like about a product even though I might still love it. Not with this. I love, LOVE, love it.
Theres not ONE thing, not 1 thing, that I could find that I did not like.

And because its free of EVERYTHING imaginable..thats right, no junk here.

This lotion is perfect. But its especially perfect for those of us who have skin conditions.
I highly recommend this to anyone with oily, acne prone, dry, sensitive, rosacea. Its great for ALL skin types. But those with skin conditions with especially benefit from it. Its fabulous!!

You can find this and other great products at Beauty Cosmedics
Check back for more reviews of great Beauty Cosmedics products in the upcoming week!

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

**These items were generously given to me by Cindi, sweetest lady ever!! I am so greatful!**

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