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Korres Pomegranate Cleansing Mask

July 11, 2010

I received this the other day. And after just having had a really bad incident with sunless tanner, that left my face badly broke out, I couldn’t wait to use this.

This is Korres Pomegranate Cleansing Mask. It is formulated for Oily/Combination Skin. It has White Argil, which is a natural sebum(oil) absorbing clay. It removes impurities and deeply cleanses the skin. It will leave your complexion fresh and radiant. Pomegranate extract is rich in something called Tannins and Polyphenols. This reduces pore size and rejuvenates the skin. It also contains Zinc. Which regulates oil secretion and provides antibacterial protection, and balances oily skin. Lactic Acid, a natural AHA, gently exfoliates without irritating the skin. Revealing younger skin. Jojoba oil nourishes and hydrates, leaves the skin velvety soft

Pomegranate is Korres solution to oily combination skin. The Pomegranate line includes this mask, a scrub, a balancing cream-gel, and cleansing wipes. (review coming up next!)

A little about Korres, courtesy of their website:
Established in 1996, out of Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy, KORRES today offers advanced natural formulations that deliver maximum results. The active natural extracts used in the formulas ensure enhanced product performance, bringing you clinically proven, advanced skincare benefits, while also avoiding harmful synthetic compounds, to ensure maximum skin compatibility and environmentally- conscious products.

Free of garbage, and toxic chemicals, and all packaging components are recyclable!

My first thoughts upon pulling this out of the box was,”Oh my what a tiny tube for $27!” I quickly got over that. For one it spreads very nicely, easily, and evenly. And two. I conserve my face masks. I bought a cheap foundation brush from the dollar store, that I reserve strictly for facial masks. Not only do I not get stuff all over my hands, but you use significantly use much less product. There by making a product such as this more practical. Normally, I would not spend $27 on a face mask, that comes with such a small amount of product. However, I firmly believe in quality. I believe you have to spend more, to actually get good quality product. And I also know that if you use it properly, you will get many, many uses out of it. I used about the size of a dime, maybe a little tad more, and I barely put a dent in the tube. This will last me quite a while, and many uses.

Upon application it smelled pleasant. Not an overbearing smell. I have used a lot facial masks. I don’t really have a preference as to whether it is unscented or scented. All I ask is that it doesn’t smell bad, and that it isn’t to strong burning my eyes and nose.
This had a light smell which was nice. It also like I said went on smoothly. It felt nice. Instructions are to apply to clean, dry skin, and leave on for 10 minutes. And then rinse off with lukewarm water. Ideal for use once a week, especially after using the coordinating Pomegranate scrub. This is the best face mask I’ve ever used.

The Results?
Spectacular!! I simply LOVE this mask. At 10 minutes, I didn’t feel that super dried out feeling that I have felt with other clay masks. I rinsed it off. My face looked great, had more clarity to it, and a slight glow as well. The next morning was even better. When I woke up, it had cleared up my sunless tanner incident. It also didn’t produce a bunch of extra oil, from being dried out, like some clay masks do to your face. It felt refreshed and balanced. It was awesome!! I love this mask, and will definitely buy it again once this is gone. This is a spectacular product, and I have no doubt that when used in conjunction with the other Korres Pomegranate line, your skin would feel and look amazing, and thank you a million times over.

You can find this mask as well as the rest of the Korres line @Sephora,, and

Hugs & Lip Gloss,
Beauty Mama

This item was given to the Beauty Mama, for review purposes at Beauty Like No Other.
A huge thanks to Käthe, for making that possible! 🙂

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  1. whitesays permalink
    July 11, 2010 10:20 am

    Sounds good enough to use rightaway! Glad to see more and more brands gng the eco-friendly way 🙂

    • July 11, 2010 10:30 am

      Yes! Its so great! And yes, it is about time that more companies market to eco concerned consumers who just want the best. And now we finally have a vast variety to choose from instead of just a handful. My site is going to review the big, the little, the hidden gems, everything. Thanks for coming by, stop back soon! Thanks!

      Hugs & Lip Gloss,
      Beauty Mama

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