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Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm

July 8, 2010

This is a fantastic balm! Ok, I know I proclaimed my love for badger balms, but I now also love this balm.

This portable, travel friendly stick of yummy-ness is a simple, and easy to use, on the go essential.
I love products like these for myself. But I also really,really like them for my kids. It instantly softens, smooths, and protects the skin. Its multi-purpose and enriched with organic butters and nourishing organic oils rich in vitamins A, B,C and E. With over 22 uses from your nose to your toes, use anywhere, anytime for the entire family.

These are some of the uses that Revolution Organics has posted on their site:

Smoothes rough knees
Relieves chapped lips
Softens lines
Feed parched nails
Conditions dry hands
Tames unruly eyebrows
Smoothes flyaway hair
Nourishes dry cuticles
Protects from weather exposure
Primes skin for makeup
Fights free radicals
Massage on belly to help prevent stretch marks
Improves skin texture
Combats flaking skin
Hair conditioning treatment
Seals in skin moisture
Adds instant moisture boost
And more…

I absolutely love the texture. It went on smooth, melts into your skin and penetrates without an oily finish.
It smells soooo delicious, I really love the smell.

With organic ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, and apricot oil, it heals and moisturizers on the spot. With this in mind,….I immediately searched for my little man, and rubbed this on his cheeks and dry spots. He loved it. Normally I would not pay $28 for a balm. HOWEVER, yes, while I did have my brief frugalista moment, I’m over it. For something like this, I would probably reserve this for just my little man and all his dry spots even though, it has tons of uses. I will probably try this on my face tonight, as I use balms on my face at night instead of night creams. Another important factor to remember is you get what you pay for. This balm is totally worth $28, maybe even more. And I’d pay that when the time comes to replace it.

All revolution organics products are concentrated, multi-tasking beauty products. All of which are free of chemicals, parabens, synthetics, artificial ingredients, and fillers, including water so each concentrated product delivers more so consumers use less.

Available at

Baby Friendly, and Little Man Approved!! 😉

DISCLOSURE: This item was given to me for review purposes for my site, by the lovely Samantha, and I greatly appreciate it!

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