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One Bath and Body- Oh, my gosh! Lotion Massage Bar

July 8, 2010

You know that feeling at the end of the day. You know the one. The one where your feet hurt soooo bad, but you can’t get a foot rub? calling all women of the 21st century, whose husbands don’t give foot rubs!! (well unless you ask maybe)

This is YOUR foot rub to yourself. Its called Oh, My Gosh Lotion Massage Bar. And Oh my Gosh is right. After you’ve had a long day, and showered sit down and run this over your feet. The lotion just melts into your skin, while the Aduki beans rub your feet to sheer delight. My feet are ticklish, however this bar, and the little rubbing beans, made me think exactly that…Oh My Gosh.

It felt so good. My feet felt so pampered when I was done. I put it back in the adorable storage tin, then I got my favorite fuzzy socks on and went to bed, and in the morning when I woke up, my feet felt so relaxed, and soft. Such a great item, I would definitely buy this again. It makes a great addition along with any of the other One Items for a spa gift basket which I have done a couple times now, and people love these!

Bits and pieces of juicy info off the packaging:
-natural beauty
-cruelty free
-no plastics

-melts the stress away, and heals the aching body
-help One save the planet from packaging waste, please buy recyclable products

Directions: Place directly on skin, it will actually tingle as it glides over your body. Massage into skin concentrating on tense muscles and sore spots. Caution Highly addictive, leaves your skin relaxed and smelling great.

Love it! Would definitely buy it again. I’m really starting to love the lotion bar concept. Its great.
You can find this item at Target.

DISCLOSURE: This item was given to me for review purposes for my site and I greatly appreciate it.

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