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Ode to Tether

July 8, 2010

So along with thanking Research in Motion, I MUST, give a HUGE shout out to tether.

Without tether, the magic would literally not be happening, plain and simple.

What is tether you ask?
Tether is an application that allows your PC to take advantage of your Smartphone’s data plan, allowing you to access the Internet on your laptop anywhere. In my opinion one of the best things ever made after the smartphone was created.

What it costs..
1 week free trial
49.95 ONE TIME fee, 1 time ONLY
30 Day Money Back Guarentee
*If you break, lose, or damage your phone, you can replace Tether at no extra charge.*

What it does..

Internet Anywhere
You can use Tether anywhere you can make phone calls.

Easy Setup
Download the software to your BlackBerry® and another for your laptop. Then surf the web and email just like you would with any Internet connection.

Fast Speeds
Download speeds that are impressive. Users download at speeds up to 2,400 kbps.

No Tethering Fees
Tether uses your phone’s data plan and we do not charge tethering fees

All BlackBerry® Smartphones
Tether is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones.

All Carriers
Tether has been used by carriers all over the world. Some carriers do require APN settings, though. It appears it does not work on the iDen Network.

Windows & Mac Compatible
Tether is compatible on Windows and Mac

For most people its a Wi-Fi solution, you either can’t find a hot spot or traveling, etc. I however use it in a way, they may not be exactly what they created it for, but in any case, its a lifesaver.

I live a little bit out of town, so as far as internet providers goes, my options are limited and costly. I came acrossed tether, and figured I have 1 week to see if it works. It is spectacular and has great speeds. For me it not only enables me to have internet everywhere, but at home, it is my one and only as far as internet goes. Without tether, I would not have internet, because not only is it expensive, but I do not want to be tied down to another bill.

Thank you tether!!!

you can get your copy @

and follow them on facebook and twitter: @tethercom

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