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Ode to my Blackberry

July 8, 2010

So the next week or so, is going to be busy. BUSY, busy. Lots of reviews, lots of testing. My six year old is extremely excited to be along for that part of the ride 🙂

Anyways. Before I go any further, I wanted to stop, and say thank you, to my blackberry.

It is no secret to most, that you do not ever see me without my blackberry, as I am a self-proclaimed blackberry lover. Yes, this is totally un-makeup/beauty related, and to some, may seem very lame. HOWEVER. I have 3 little kids, so I am extremely busy. And getting time to sit down and get my reviews done is a serious crunch time. So 90% of what I do get done. Is done by blackberry. It is a powerhouse, and plows through the day, giving me all my emails when I get it, taking me online, if need be, It gets the job done plain and simple. I would never have been able to do everything I’ve done in the last week, such as emailing companies, and PR companies, without my blackberry.

So thank you RIM (Research in Motion) for making such a spectacular phone, I love You!!

PS-And even though iPhone4 looks yummy, I promise not to stray. 😉

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