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Tarte Lifted™ Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol™

July 6, 2010

Oh Boy where do I start? You know the age old question amongst your girlfriends, “If you were stuck on a desert island, or if you could only have 1 thing out of your beauty bag, what would be?” I know that I’ve gushed about how spectacular tarte’s Amazonian Clay products are. And they are. But…… For me, this may be it. This may be my “it” product.

Fantastic, Amazing, Spectacular, Wonderful, Powerful, should I go on? Yes, Lets…….

Ok Now, let me be clear on something before I go any further, and coming off like some professional or a know it all. 2 weeks ago, I did not wear an eyeshadow primer. Did not understand the concept of it, didn’t believe it, etc., etc I could go on and on. Now…its different. Not only do I more then get it, I don’t know how I EVER did my eye makeup with out it. I really don’t. 2 weeks ago, I learned about tarte’s eyelid primer, and at the same moment, I also learned it was like 20 bucks. I said ya, right, thats crazy. Now granted I wanted it. I have the worlds most oily eye lids, and the sheer thought of something not only making my eyeshadow not crease but make it last all day, made me jump for joy. But at $20, my frugalista side showed up, and said, “Whoa, Girly”. But now? I’d drop $20 (if I had it) on it without thinking about it.

However a few days later, I received my femme naturale palette. And in it, was a FREE deluxe eyelid primer sample, I was sooooo flippin’ excited…no really. I think for a brief few seconds I was more excited about the primer, then the palette. Silly me.
So I thought what better way to try it out, then with my new palette. For the next few days..I kept track and added time to how long my eye make up had been on. The first day it was 8 hours…still there, next day 12 hours, and the day after that, I was up late. And you know what?! 15 HOURS LATER….it was still there, NO creasing, NO oiliness, EVERY bit of my eye make up was still there! All of it. It looked exactly the same as when I put it on. It is soooooo utterly amazing, I don’t even know if there is an excited enough word for it.

It is a sheer nude shade. Blends in well, and sets quickly, and doesn’t feel heavy on my eyelids. In fact, one day I was running late and forgot to use it. I noticed with the primer on I don’t feel my eye make up on my eyelids. With it off, I felt it, my eye make up felt greasy and heavy.

I only have the deluxe size, and I’ll be sad when its gone, as funds are tight and replacing it right this second might be hard. But it should last me a good while. The tube seems to have quite a bit in it, so the full size would probably last me forever. One of my favorite ways to use this product isn’t even when I’m wearing eye make up. Even if I am having just a quick makeup day, wear I just buff on some bronzer I will still use the primer. Reason being, is that I put a little bronzer my eyes to give them some color, and then Im out the door. Holds the color of the bronzer as well as keeps my eye lids from getting oily. Awesome!

I’m not recommending it…..I’m telling you, that you and your eyelids NEED this!!!

Available @ Sephora, and

What do you think?

Have it, Love it, or Want it?

Tell ME!

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