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Ole Henricksen Anyone?

July 4, 2010

Eh maybe, maybe not. I’m going with probably NOT.

Have never tried the brand but it seems as though they have a some what decent line. Whats not decent…their customer service. Do companies not get that when consumers call, especially new consumers, THIS IS THEIR FIRST IMPRESSION of YOU! Make it Count!

I’ve never used their products, but the other day I sat down, and made a list of companies that I felt had good potential products that I would like to review for my site. Ole Henricksen was, WAS one of them. My skin has been misbehaving lately and I’m trying to get it under control.

So I called them. I encountered a woman, who clearly took her job WAY to seriously. I simply asked her if they did PR in house and if they did, could she please put me in touch with someone in PR/Marketing. She immediately said, “who is this?” And I told her my name. She said OK,….(you know the the “ok” that means, I don’t know you)..and rudely asked me what company I worked for. I told her that I wasn’t with a company, that I write a beauty blog and was interested in writing an entry about their company. Apparently because I was not the Queen of England and not at all special to her, not only did she not transfer me she informed me in not so many words that they were set for the next year on “bloggers”, and that my blog needed to be pretty spectacular to be given any products to review anyways, and was MY blog spectacular?


She was so rude. I even asked her for one…. 1 people, one bubble packet of a mask. Not so much for review purposes, but I as a person with misbehaving skin wanted to try before I buy. She said they don’t do samples….(Lie…I’ve gotten something of OH, in my Sephora order before.) This is no new concept. If you, as a company are selling a $68 skincare set, you better believe that at least ONE if not a hundred people are going to call and ask to sample your product, before they just throw down $68 and make you richer.

There were 2 kits on Sephora that I was interested in. WAS. I could careless..I talked to other fabulous, friendly PR girls this week who apparently do love their job and understand the importance of being polite. I have no desire to do business with this company, whether I buy it or they ship it to me free, saying sorry, I’m not doing it.

Im even more relieved that I didn’t even go down the Ole Henricksen path… on Sephora…Ouch, Not so GOOD.

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