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Erbaviva Company History

July 3, 2010

Company History

Erbaviva’s meaning—“herbs that are alive”—manifests the passion of first-time parents who wanted more for their newborn baby than skincare products rife with harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances, additives and dyes. Today, Erbaviva’s growing collection of organic skincare, bath and body and aromatherapy products are coveted nationally and internationally by parents and mommies-to-be through upscale spas, boutiques and selected department stores in more than 20 countries.
Inspired by the birth of their first son, owners Robin Brown and Anna Cirronis began in 1996 out of their Topanga, California home by creating a soap-less, herbal means of washing their newborn. “Baby Washbag,” which also helped adults with sensitive or problem skin, led to the development of an extra mild baby soap and organic baby oil. With the success of their initial baby line, Erbaviva incorporated a natural pregnancy line in 1997 consisting of Stretch Mark Oil, Back Rub Oil, Mommy-To-Be Milk Bath, and Baby Blues Oil (for postpartum depression). Two years later, Erbaviva introduced 65 aromatherapy products in sprays, synergies, bath essences and essential oils.

Robin and Anna’s Growing Company and Family

As Erbaviva grew, so did Robin and Anna’s family. In addition to sons Luca, now 14, and Elias, ten, they adopted a baby daughter, Leilah, from Nepal, who today is a happy, healthy three-year-old. With a growing family came a new dedication to the company. Robin, an accomplished Hollywood camera operator whose film work includes Fargo, Shawshank Redemption and Dead Man Walking, was raised in England by socially conscious parents. Anna, a makeup-artist and certified aromatherapist originally from Italy, has had a lifelong passion for the environment.

Dubbed “Mr. & Mrs. Organic” by, Robin and Anna decided to dedicate their careers to sustainable products and business practices.

In June of 2000, Erbaviva moved from its home-based operation to a warehouse and office in San Fernando Valley. Fall of 2004 saw 16 new products added to the bath and body skincare line, including body wash, lotion, room and body sprays, organic deodorant, balance bath salt and oil, and the always-popular stretch mark cream.

Always Been Organic, But Now It’s Official… Erbaviva Is Now USDA Certified Organic!

On January 1, 2007, following a rigorous application and approval process of ingredients, manufacturing and packaging, Erbaviva received the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification under the National Organic Program, declaring its products to be genuinely organic, pure and natural.

“While our company has been producing true organic products since our inception more than a decade ago, we are pleased to be one of the few skincare companies that now has the official certification of organic purity from the U.S. government,” said Robin Brown.

Anna Cirronis adds, “It is a formidable stamp of approval and one we’re extremely proud to receive. It reinforces Erbaviva’s mission of producing a quality product that our customers can trust is pure and natural, ethically and ecologically sound, while protecting the environment.”

Organic Mission: Nature to Nurture

Erbaviva offers exceptional quality skincare products from true, pure organic ingredients and essential oils manufactured in an environmentally friendly, socially conscious manner. Free from animal testing, the product line educates through global awareness and organic products that are free from artificial and chemical fragrances, additives, dyes, pollutants, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, harsh detergents and other unhealthy additives.

Part of its natural approach to skincare designed specifically for babies, mommies-to-be and moms, Erbaviva utilizes certified organic and wild-crafted essential oils, steam distilled or cold pressed from fruits, flowers, leaves, roots, wood resins, and seeds of plants from all over the world, notably Africa and Europe.

Since the company’s inception, fabric packaging and basketry has been purchased from a hill tribe in Northern Thailand and Burma through a project that provides a children’s health clinic and direct economic support to the tribe. In its own California facility, the company utilizes recyclable amber glass to protect essential oils from ambient light. Plastic bottles or tubes, when used, are recyclable and environmentally friendly PET.

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