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tarte ReCreate™ silicone-free primer with Wrinkle Rewind™ technology

June 21, 2010

Have you ever watched the episode on Sex and the City. The one where Carrie gets a new pair of Manolo’s and when she goes into her closet and opens the box to wear them, she says “hello love” or something to that effect.

This is how I feel when I open my makeup drawer and see this primer. I had the privilege of trying this for the first time on Saturday, and I’ve been using it the last few days and its utterly AMAZING!!

I will add more pictures, my camera battery died and I wanted to share this with you all.
Not only is it my first experience with tarte’s primer, its my first primer experience EVER. Now I consider myself to be quite the makeup maven, makeup addict, makeup professional, etc. How makeup primer and I have never had a go-around.

Heres the story.
I have tried.. I won’t say used, I will say tried. And here’s why. I have tried 2 other primers before. And because I write unbiased-ly (is that a word?) and because I will not be reviewing those brands it doesn’t bother me at all to tell you what they were. I’ve tried the bare escentuals prime time, and smashbox photo finish primer.

Now. The reason I say tried is because after moisturizer, you put the primer on and let it dry then apply your makeup. In previous experiences, I never ever got to the makeup stage. My face felt like it was suffocating, it felt heavy, and disgusting. I disliked it very much, and had to wash my face and start over.

But that is in the past. Things have changed now that I have discovered tarte’s ReCreate™ silicone-free primer. Even right after I applied it, even though it hadn’t dried yet, I didn’t feel anything. And then it dried..and it was like the angels were singin from heaven. It wasn’t tacky, it wasn’t sticky. Even coming out it was a smooth almost lotion/gel type consistancy.

My face was smooth and soft and any pores or lines were diffused. It was the perfect canvas for make-up.

Which makes total sense. I’m a fanatic about make-up and make-up application. And I own over 50 make-up brushes and could tell you that each serves its own purpose. So when I’ve constantly heard everyone say, “you need a primer”. I didn’t get it. I mean I knew the benefits. But it was just not our time. Until now.

Once my make-up was done, I was so happy. Not only was everything smooth and flawless. But any concealer usage seemed to be cut in half. The concept of primer giving make-up something to grab a hold of is true. And by the end of the day, not only had I only touched my face up once, but my make-up looked the same. It was awesome.

I highly HIGHLY recommend….wait no…I’m not recommending this product. I’m telling you need this product. You will thank yourself when you see how amazing it is. It comes in a 1oz bottle and costs $32. Now before some of you frugal-istas freak, let me explain. It has this AWESOME package. It comes with an air tight type container that has a pump so it pumps it up from the bottom. Which means, no mess, no opening of the bottle and getting germs, air or bacteria in it, no waste-you’ll get everything out of the bottle. And to top it off you only need to use ONE squirt. ONE Squirt. thats it. You could use another half of a pump and go over any areas that may need extra help. But other then that, thats all you need. This bottle will last you a good long while.

This can be found on a few different websites but here are the main 2 I buy from.

**DISCLOSURE: tarte PR department provided me with this press release sample for review purposes for my site.**

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