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LOVE IT!! One Bath and Body Nighty-Nite After Shower Skin Conditioner Bar

June 21, 2010

I love this stuff. I really REALLY do. I have 3 little kids. So after a long day all I want to do is take a shower and go to bed. But lately I try to pamper myself as much as I can. When I actually get the time to.

This is a lotion bar by One Bath and Body. Its called After Shower Skin Conditioner Bar, and it is the Nighty-Nite
You can use this whenever but after a long shower rub it into damp skin, it does tend to melt and soak into your skin a tad better then if it were dry.
My favorite thing? The smell. I love lavendar. But the real stuff. Calms and soothes you like no other.

So its a bar, but its a lotion?
Yes, exactly that. Its a bar. But not hard like a soap bar. Its firm but when it comes in contact with your skin and hands it melts slightly and penetrates into your skin while you sleep. When you wake up your skin is soft and still smells of lavendar. Love this!

It comes wrapped in paper inside of a recyclable cardboard type box. My only complaint, seriously ONLY complaint with this product is that most of their bars minus the soaps, come with tins to house the product. I wish that this had that very much. Right now I just keep it in the paper wrapping and then back inside the box when I’m done as I’ve not really found a plastic soap box to house it. Its more of a square and soap generally tend to be rectangular.

I love this bar. And for some it may take some getting used to especially in the bar form or if you are used to lotions that tend to be drying and soak in immediately but the feeling of soft doesn’t last long. This takes a little longer to soak in. But nothing major. I’m totally ok with it, because I’m a huge fan of oils and balms. And not only does it smell great, but its good for your skin. Nourishing oils replenish skin, and help it look its best. It contains Linseed oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Lavendar Oil. All kinds of yummy stuff for the skin. Aside from the shampoo bar, this is my favorite One product. Thus far anyways. I’ve yet to try the body butter or the lotion in the tubes.

It doesn’t cost very much and you won’t be disappointed. Target is the main hot spot for all things One Bath and Body and it costs about $6. Its a generous 3oz bar, so it does last a while. I’m just now to the point where I need to buy a new one soon, and I’ve been using it for a while now.

Another great product from another great company. Read some of my previous entries to learn more about them.

Highly recommend, you’ll be sleepin’ like a baby and wake up with super soft skin!

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