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LOVE IT! tarte Micronized Amazonian Clay Skin Balancing Powder with Brush

June 15, 2010

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I knew before I ordered this product that I was going to love it. I also knew the moment I saw it on air that I had to have it, and that I would Love, Love, LOVE it. So I ordered a second set.

I gotta admit though. As intrigued as I was about this new innovative powder, the first thing I did, after i excitedly tore open the package…..was drool over the brush. I had to touch it. And, YUM! Its absolutely delicious. Maybe I’m weird like that, but I have a thing about makeup brushes. I feel like you really need the right tools for proper application. A make up artist skills make her good, her brushes make her excellent. Anywho! The brush. Light, Soft, like a feather. It gathered up the powder and dispersed it evenly, over my face. I sooo am loving this brush.

SO now I’m super intrigued about the foundation brush that comes with the Amazonian Clay Infused Liquid Foundation, that is releases the 16 th, I CAN’T WAIT!!

Now onto the goods. The Powder. Micronized Amazonian Clay. Micronized is short term means really, really small fine particles. In beauty terms, for your face, it means flawless, clear finish. Amazonian Clay, is new to me. However, its simply amazing!

So after going to work, I swung home, hoping my mail lady was gracious enough to bring me my beloved goodies. And she did..yah! My face was like an oil slick from summer/work/this mornings makeup….(silly, previous,*no name*, supposed oil control powder…….which by the way went into the trash tonight) I blotted my face with my oil blotting papers, how great are those things, seriously?! Made sure of was free of oil. Then I glided the powder onto my face…It was amazing/love at first touch. Its light and airy. It made my face feel really smooth not tacky, or sticky how it had felt 5 seconds before…it almost felt cooling. I read a review online that stated something to the effect of it making them look white. It is translucent and gives a nice airbrush finish, with a little bit of a glow once it settles in. If you look like you got hit with a bag of flour, not only have you used WAY to much, but you’ve also not blended/applied it properly. Its pretty error proof as far as I’m concerned.

Then I went and planted flowers outside, went walking for an hour with my friend, and then ran errands and came home…

No shiny-ness. I got home and my face was free of shine. Awesome! I know some people are like ok…its a powder, settle down. But if you know me you’d know a few things. I strive to only use great all natural makeup and skincare, and I’ve been on a long time journey to find the “It” products for my face when it comes to concealer, foundation, and powder. Not only have I found my powder, but I’m pretty convinced that I will feel the same about the foundation as soon as I get my hands on it. And if that happens, well then I’ll just have to order the concealer too!

Keep in mind. This is my first journey with tarte. I’ve previously used another all natural brand. This is the 4th tarte product I’ve used and purchased in the last week and its safe to say that, I’ve converted. I will be doing more reviews on the other products VERY soon!

At the moment its a QVC exclusive…how special are we, the loyal QVC tarte customers? 🙂

Here is the info off of QVC:

What is it: A finishing powder that creates a matte look while helping to reduce the appearance of pores with each application.

Who is it for: All skin types and complexions.

Why is it different: Amazonian white clay acts as a total skin balancer by helping to reduce dryness and flakiness and improve clarity and texture for a soft focus and flawless finish. It’s formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, and phthalates.

How do I use it: To apply, use brush and lightly dust finishing powder over skin alone as a treatment or over concealer and foundation to keep makeup in place and add a natural finish. It can also be used for targeted application; use your ring finger to gently pat finishing powder over under-eye area or blemish concealer to keep product from migrating.

From tarte.

0.32 oz clay finishing powder


I definitely recommend this product. I love it a few pointers…this product, as with all tarte products is cruelty free. It is also formulated with out junk: mineral oil, parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

It also has a very nifty packaging. (it was hard to get a picture of it) It has one hole for the product to come out of…which means no mess. less product coming out less waste. incredible! It comes with a little plastic stopper that may be thrown away, but Im holding onto mine I think. I love that it won’t make a huge mess. If you’ve ever used Bare Escentuals you know the unholy mess that Im describing. Eww.

And last but not least. I bought this for daily oil control/setting powder for makeup, with added clarity. But after using it during the day today, I made an even better plan, for it. It has now become my 24/7 powder. Meaning..after I washed my face and put on my night cream, I dusted a little over my face. It reminds me of a powder that I won’t name names that you can wear at bed time…its now midnight and I washed my face at 7 and we are shine free! Get Your Beauty On!


tarte Micronized Amazonian Clay Skin Balancing Powder w/ Brush

tarte Amazonian Clay Infused Liquid Foundation with Brush

tarte Amazonian Clay Powder Foundation w/ Brush

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