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Day 2 Micronized Amazonian Clay Skin Balancing Powder

June 15, 2010


Day 2
So today is the 3rd time using this product and I am even more in love with it. Yesterday, I used it twice. Once as a touch up when I first got it, and then last night I brushed a little on my face before bed. Morning results? Amazing. No shine. Just a nice matte finish. Which also means, no breakouts. Normally in place of night creams I use facial oils because my face loves them. If you haven’t yet embraced facial oils, you need to be brought up to speed. Because facial oils are amazing…different topic for another day.

Anyways. If I don’t use an oil at night I wake up and my face is oily and will have broke out a little from the oil. Not today. Matte finish, looked significantly clearer then yesterday, and no breakouts. Hurrah!

So today I used it again. Im having a very busy day, so it was a quickie makeup day. I used concealer and then dabbed a little on any of the concealer spots I had to set it. Then I did a light covering of it, with that amazing brush, brushed on some park ave bronzer, a little lights, camera, lashes, and I was out the door! ok not literally, I went down to the kitchen and made the kiddos breakfast. But whatever, mama can look good in the kitchen. You need this product. Your face will thank you over and over for it. Have a good day ladies!

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